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  1. I'll tackle it on the morrow guys thanks for the help
  2. Quick update guys, I've checked the feet and they're all there. There seems to be a wobble between the two base plates as if the centre screw is loose, I've tightened it but no joy the wobble persists. It is noticeable, each time I attempt to alter the focus or slightly adjust the image the view vibrates violently for several seconds, definitely wasn't like this before and I can't think what the cause may be
  3. I thought it only had three to begin with? Better have a check tomorrow, felt a bit rough today so haven't summoned the energy to do so yet. It's only a slight wobble but noticeable when trying to track objects
  4. So I was out with my 200 mm dob last night and noticed something that hadn't been there previously, the scope had a wobble no matter what surface it was on. I've not had a look at the mount yet but I'm thinking it may be the screw underneath the mount, but I am not sure, any advice guys?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, thinking now that the 12 mm bst May be best bet, something I have been also looking at is to get a 32mm maybe for open clusters and large fuzzies. What's the best budget 32mm prob in the 50-60 pound range? As my birthday is in February also
  6. Been told today that I am getting at least fifty quid in the monetary department for the approaching Yule celebrations. With that in mind I am looking at picking up a new eyepiece. I currently have the 10mm and 25mm eyepiece that came with the dob and while I am happy with the 25mm the 10mm gives a washed out view on fuzzies and the mag isn't perfect on planets etc. Initial thoughts are to pick up the 8mm bst starguider from skys the limit. This will give better mag and from what I've gleaned from other's better contrast also. The other option is the 12mm bst that I can Barlow to 6mm. Any oth
  7. Hi guys tonight was my first proper winter night out and I'd forgotten how cold they can be. First off I hit all the usual suspects m31, m57, m13, albireo, the double cluster etc. I always hit these first as they are lovely and easy to find. Then it was on to old friends returning for the holidays starting with the Pleiades first time seeing them in the New scope, absolutely lovely. Thought I may have detected a little nebulisity around the brightest star but it's entirely possible I fabricated that with my minds eye. Finally I sort of got lost around the auriga area, I can never tell all thos
  8. Nice, i saw the king this mornin with naked eye. Think ill set the alarm for tomorrow mornin and get the dobosaurus
  9. How often would you say that the 200x is viable? A 7mm ep would give around 170x is this more often useable? Tryin to find that sweet spot for planetary observing. 240x with my barlowed 10mm is really hard to use as the focus point is impossible to hit under my seeing conditions so i am lookin for somethin that will see more frequent use
  10. Cheers guys i was lookin cv this for planetary. To complement the starguiders I've been mulling over
  11. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics-eyepieces/william-optics-spl-eyepiece.html Does anyone have any experience of theses? The 6mm looks rather nice for use in my 200p dob. Essentially for close in planetary viewing although I suppose the moon and double stars are up for grabs too
  12. sounds fantastic, and you are definitely hooked. may i suggest m13 in hercules? very nice glob and high in the sky at the moment
  13. sweet, very nice composite
  14. The Night of the tenth going into the morning of the eleventh of September, the moon is only four arc minutes I think north of uranus at 2:10am
  15. Yeah title be fine mate, I focused my first scope on a hill about ten or twelve miles away and that was only just in focus. Check it on the moon, that will relieve you
  16. I also recently upgraded to the skyliner 200 dobsonian, it is really good, letting me see things from my backyard that I never could have seen from my 130 newt
  17. That is amazing, the mottled colours along the arms are stunning
  18. Some of those are just ridiculous surely no one is using one of those 50 inch monsters?
  19. Recently in my neck of the woods even when the skies are predicted clear there does seem to be this mistyNess to the view. Which of course glows closer down to the horizon
  20. Very nice. The red and blue double sounds really something to look at
  21. Just a joke fellas, is it true that councils are planning on swapping over to the better street lights that mainly shine down? The Orange glow extends a good 20 degrees into the sky if not more
  22. It really hit home how bad the light pollution is in my neck of the woods last night. I found some of the usual targets like m13, m57, the double cluster, and m31, this is where things went downhill. Andromeda was very washed out, I went for comet jacques but I could find the guide stars but not the comet, I tried for m81/82 again guide stars but no fuzzies, m101 and m51 were a similar story guide stars but no fuzzies. Looking at the sky in general the square of Pegasus only had three stars one being completely invisible in the murk. This affected my ability to find uranus as it was also in t
  23. Or maybe the 25 and 8mm might be a better spread? Not sure, feel like the 25 would aid in the finding of fuzzies or would the 18 be good for this?
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