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  1. I hadn't anticipated getting out last night but leaving a friends house at 10pm last night I found unexpected clear skies, bonus! I've been eyeing up Mars sitting in the middle of Leo for the last couple of weeks but the large fir tree in my neighbours garden has been in the way, no longer a problem! Hadn't charged the battery but ran it dry, gave it a quick 5 minutes charge then 10mins of darks. 50mins of 10s subs @ ISO800, f4.5, ~24mm Really pleased with this result, as I royally ballsed up my attempts during the great skies on Monday. Having a look on Stellarium to see what else might be on there the most likely candidates seemed to be M65/M66 and there are just the hints of them which I'm dead chuffed with, they're my first ones
  2. Yep, that's the one. Darker than my garden but not as good as I was hoping...
  3. Managed to get a pass last night to stay out late, and went to the disc golf course outside Leamington Spa where I spend a reasonable amount of daylight hours Waiting for properly dark skies: A bit darker:
  4. One of the prettiest things in my garden and one of the prettiest things above it
  5. The main reason right now is that Orion is dropping too close to the horizon to be usable after about an hour. Plus a lack of confidence that what I'm doing isn't going to be complete junk, so still doing testers more than anything else.
  6. Had a better go at this last night: M42 crop About 15mins of light, ISO800 f5, 10s subs Question, is there any reason I can't take 15mins per night 4 nights in a row and stack them all at the end? Is having them all the same temperature important?
  7. Interesting, how heavy is the Vixen? Not sure my Alt az is up to significantly more weight!
  8. So I'd pretty much settled on getting a 200P Dob, but given the issues sourcing them at the moment I was thinking of some alternative options. I'm also enjoying my DSLR widefield and was considering the virtues of a powered GEM for tracking. Options 1) Suck it up and wait - cost £270 Pros - get what I want Cons - Waiting. No GEM for camera 1a) also get an EQ3-2 + motor for the camera - total cost ~£510 Pros - Can observe and photograph at the same time Cons - Waiting. Not a great mount for the camera 2) Switch to the 200p EQ5, also get the motor for camera - total cost ~£470 Pros - Good mount for camera Cons - Can only observe or photograph using the GEM. 3) Switch to the 250p Dob, cost £430 Pros - Great aperture Cons - No GEM for camera 4) Other? I think I'm leaning in favour or 1 or 3 and forgetting the GEM for the moment, but appreciate any thoughts
  9. I set out to get M44 framed in Cancer last night, but using 55mm rather than 18mm for the first time got a little lost and didn't realise I was aimed at the twins until I was about 20 subs in Anywho, only my second try at stacking and processing so good practice even if the subject is not quite as compelling ISO800 f4, 15m 12s (88 frames) 26 darks 50 offset/bias No flats (haven't worked out a set up for it yet)
  10. I'm on 3.3.2, I can't find anything newer on the site
  11. I got out last night to try shooting in RAW, and I thought I'd got a good set of lights, but when I load them into DSS it seems to load them really strangely, and can't detect any stars at any threshold. Raw file view: JPEG version: Any ideas? Camera is Canon 1100D, had it set to RAW+L
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