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  1. I'm sure I will fill it soon enough, spending all my money. I need a clear night now though to test it out , before deciding what I want next.
  2. Just received my first new eyepiece, so I decided to post my quite empty case
  3. I've ordered the 10mm plus both fine tuning rings today, and they have been dispatched and should be with me tomorrow The T-adaptor was out of stock so I haven't ordered the t-ring either, will just order them both at a later date, and just use it for visual for now.
  4. Ok, thanks guys. I think I will do that then, get the 10mm Hyperion, and both fine tuning rings. What about the camera attatchment then? Is it just the Baader Hyperion eyepiece T-Adaptor (M43-T), and the T-ring for my camera I need?
  5. Sorry Adrian, my last reply makes it look like I was ignoring your suggestion, but in truth being new to all this I didn't really understand what you were saying but believed I did ​ I just re-read your post after Faulksy agreed with you and I believe I understand what you were saying now. The 10mm plus the 2 available fine tuning rings will essentially allow me 4 different magnifications in one eyepiece which would be more useable than the 8mm + fine tuning rings. I have just read the description of the fine tuning rings on the flo website, but am unsure of how they work exactly. I take it they can be adjusted easily to change magnification? Are they difficult to install onto the eyepiece? The mention of a clean room on the website puts me off a bit, as it sounds like some DIY is in order and I am useless when it comes to messing
  6. Thanks guys, I think the possibilty of adding a camera is a big selling point for me. Although I'm going to be using it for visual mainly, it would be nice to have the option to add the camera. After reading your comments, I'm confident the 8mm Hyperion will do the job. Thanks. As I'm new to all this though, just wanted to double check the camera accessories with you too. If I add the Baader Hyperion eyepiece T-Adaptor (M43-T), and the T-ring for my camera then I can hook my camera up to it. No other accessories needed?
  7. Hey guys, hopefully this will be an easy one for you. I'm looking at buying a new eyepiece to use with my 127 mak. Looking around, I think I have made a decision but would like some opinions and advice on whether it would be suitable. Currently I am using the supplied eyepieces, the 10mm and 25mm. I am going to be using it mainly for planetary viewing. I was looking at the Baader Hyperion 68 degree eyepiece 8mm. I was thinking of the 8mm as the 5mm goes above my magnification limit, but I would like a bit more magnification than the 10mm would give. I think I have worked it out right and the 8mm would give me 187x magnification with a focal length of 1500. The Baader Hyperions also allow a dslr to be attached which although I intend on using it mainly for visual is a plus. If anyone doesn't think this would be suitable and has other suggestions I would love to hear them.
  8. Thanks Andy, luckily I am off to mid wales in about 3 weeks, and they say the skies are brilliant in the area, so I am hoping for clear skies Just want to get in as much practice as I can before I go, but unfortunately I have a street light overlooking my back garden. This is making life quite difficult for me so far. I am going to keep trying to see some of the Messier objects, just need the clear skies to return again now. Chris
  9. Thanks Pel, I will consider getting one if I decide to order more accessories for my scope in the near future. Ok, so just came in from my second night of viewing, which started really well, but didn't last for long This time I was using my powertank to run the scope, and everything worked perfectly. The alignment went extremely smoothly, got it aligned on the first go and in only a few minutes. Everything was perfectly in view with the 25mm this time too. I started off with Saturn once again as I like to use this to start my alignment off. Again the 25mm and 10mm showed the rings, but not individually. I couldn't bring it into focus with the 10mm and barlow this time though. I even managed to get a short video of it, by holding my compact camera up to the eyepiece. I then moved on to Spica and using the 25mm and 10mm the star was very well rounded, and I could see it was blue. I tried the 10mm + barlow on it, it wasn't bad but wasn't quite as sharp. Next I went on to M44, using the 25mm I could see about 14 stars in view. I found it hard to focus again using the 10mm, I don't know why though. Then it went downhill, I tried to see M3 next, but could not see anything at all with either the 25mm or 10mm. I then noticed that the dreaded cloud had started to move in, so this might be why I saw nothing. I then started moving towards Vega as it was clear in that area of the sky, but whilst turning with the scope I tripped over the power lead and it came out, bang goes my alignment . By this point there was too much cloud to re-align it, so I gave up and came inside. There is one thing I have to ask though. I tried using the Auto tracking tonight and it worked brilliantly, but to turn it on, you need to escape all the way out of the menu, and go into set up, find auto tracking and turn it on. This needs to be done each time you move to a new object. Is there an easier way? Thanks Chris
  10. Nope, I haven't purchased anything for the telescope yet. I just have everything that came with it.
  11. Thanks. At least now I know I'm not doing anything majorly wrong. I've got to say that I was trying so hard to see M57, I didn't really notice if the stars were in focus . I will keep on trying. Just hoping for another clear night tonight. Chris.
  12. I received my new scope yesterday a Skywatcher Skymax 127 AZ GoTo, as I have read so much on here I just jumped right in and gave it a go last night. I used rechargeable batteries to run it last night, as I hadn't had chance to charge my power pack, it seemed to handle it ok. When I first set it up and tried to align the GoTo, I sort of messed up and it ended up being quite far off target. I did try to align a few times, many ended with one of the stars I chose being blocked by something in my garden. Without it being properly aligned, I somehow managed to stumble across Saturn, and Wow, what a sight. I could see the rings clearly with the supplied 25mm, but wanted a closer look so swapped it to my 10mm, and then used the 10mm + 2x barlow. I couldn't see individual rings with any of the eyepieces, and the barlow made it hard to focus properly, but the rings still looked amazing. This was all I needed to get the scope aligned, I used Saturn, Vega, and another which I can't remember to align, and found my targets appearing into view with the 25mm from then on. Although with the 10mm, some adjustments were necessary. I don't think I had the auto tracking on though as it wasn't following objects. Does this need to be turned on or should it automatically happen with a new scope? I then commanded my scope to take me to M57 (Ring Nebula). Through the 25mm I could see a faint ring, but through the 10mm, I couldn't focus on it properly, just looked blurry. It was quite close to a street light so the viewing wasn't the best anyway. Should this be visible in the 10mm, or is the view with the 25mm the best it gets? Next I tried NGC 6543, nothing was visible at all in the 25mm, so I moved on without trying the 10mm. Should this have been visible in the 25mm? I know it's difficult to say as you don't know the viewing conditions. Just wondered if it should be barely visible. I then tried M51, again though I couldn't see anything through the 25mm so moved on. Next I decided to look at something I was sure the scope would see, so went for the double star Albireo. This was an awesome sight, with the larger yellow and smaller blue star clearly seperated in both the 25mm, and 10mm. I then went for another double star Mizar, for some reason the scope didn't quite slew to it at first, I had to adjust it myself before I saw it. I could see the individual stars well, bigger star on the left and smaller on the right. My last target was Mars, which through the 25mm and 10mm looked like a large yellow star, with the barlow the colour seemed to have a reddish tint, but I couldn't see any features. I know Mars is difficult to see well, so wasn't expecting much from this. Overall I loved the experience, but would like some advice on the objects I couldn't see and if anyone has any suggestions on what to look for the next time I go out, then that would be great. Chris
  13. Ok, thanks. No need to apologise, sometimes things just go wrong . I work in retail myself, so I know what it's like. I will wait to hear from you.
  14. So I take it the shipment has been delayed again? I was told early April last time I heared from your company.
  15. I bet the skies are amazing where you guys are tonight, the stars are shining brightly here, and I have quite a bit of light pollution in the area.
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