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  1. Hello and welcome,,Good advise you will get here no matter whats it about someone will know the answer
  2. I was the same the other night couldn't see much only a bright blop and taught it was down to my collimating so i tried adjusting it and made it worse because the night or 2 ago i was able to see it clearly with its moons,,,took me over an hour and half the other night to get it back,,,,gonna half to do it all again because i ordered some BOB'S KNOBS
  3. There's a tread of Cliff's Xbox in the DIY section which is most popular with a lot of users here if you can get your hands on an xbox cam,, even i managed it,,,
  4. thanks for your comments,, those were only single shots,,,what does highs mean,,, can that be done in PS,,,
  5. Hello all,, Here;s my first moon picture taken last night(9th)i seem happy enuf with the turn out seen it was only taken with a basic digital camera.. First 1 a bit blurry,,2nd seems ok to me,,, I still think i need to collimate a bit more it seems fine when i done the star test it took me nearly an hour an half to collimate it,,a bit nerve racking for first time but i.m about 95% have it so i'll give it another go next time i'm out,, Is it best done when there's no moon or would it make any differance thanks for looking greg
  6. Just like to let people know who bought new or second hand scopes in the goto range even the 127maks,, before you go looking in the night sky for objects just make sure the scope is in the right place in the fork arm,, before doing your 2 star alinment ,,slew the scope up so its pointing straight up and the EP doesn't hit of where the batteries go,just make sure it clears it,, I only say this because reading some posts people saying the scope goes way off due to inputting wrong time/date etc,etc,, it almost happen to me as i was looking for M31 it went right above pointing straight up and you'd be able to slip a playing card between them,, as i'm a newbe just like to let other newbe's know this,, i didn't mention the 8se as who ever has this scope would have more expereance with the set up I hope this makes sence,,,,but you get the meaning,,,,becarefull sorry for the spelling mistakes its the keyboard,,
  7. Nice image for first go ,,,i see you use it for your profile picture i.ve taken a few of the full moon with just a digi camera and just waiting to dickie them up a bit in photoshop
  8. Looking clear enuf here in Dublin also so i'll grab as much clear sky as i can before we're back to the rain and winds again,,, Got about an hour the other night in work, set up scope, and then did the lock up ,, viewed jupiter,,moon,,m45,,m42,, then the clouds rolled in and didn;t get a chance to try taking some snaps of the moon,i got a digi clamp just for digital cameras so going to try just a few snaps of the moon tonight, , i,ve only myself to blame when you buy something new it always gets cloudy have to wait for a new moon to try out a uhc filter aswell,,,
  9. I bet ya, if the driver knew you were in doing karate classes he wouldn't be throwing boxes around like that,,, they don't give a dam whats inside as long as its dropped over and on to next delivery to throw around,, i still have to write up a first light report clear sky's Greg
  10. I've mostly asked quiestions and never answered but put some batteries in so you save all the info you entered and what i do is make sure there's enough slack on the cable when the scope is turning it won't get caught aroundf the legs of the tripod,,HTH,,,i've heard of vibration pads to stop some movement in it,,, would you be by any chance having your scope on decking,,that would cause movement because it happens to me sometimes when i move about when looking thru the EP Greg
  11. Ktect is another 1 Paul,,check out his website,,steven is his name and he's a nice bloke,, He's a good friend of Carl's, both are into AP in a big way,,seen some of Carl's work and they are amazing,, Greg
  12. I received an email from AI saying they were clearing everything out for free,,old books ,,parts of scopes,, ep's ,,mirrorrs, etc,etc and another email saying that were looking for help in loading up trucks to clear what every they had left and if anyone had spare storage,,, its a pity because i was working late all that week and couldn't get over to grab a few deals,,, did you go over yourself paul,, greg
  13. sorry his shop is scopesandspace also has web site same name..
  14. Yeah he opened up as spaceandscopes in the same shop just took over the lease,,,thinking of going to a star BBQ in Tullamore this saturday night,, if i can't get the set up bang on i could ask 1 of the members from irishastronomy to help out,,, Greg
  15. Hi Paul,sorry for the spelling mistake meant to say cause,,,would that of been the cause of it been out of FOV,,i got it of Carl,ex AI in swords (600euros plus extras) he was selling it for a friend of his thats why i was asking would the co-ordinates differ between Balbriggan and Clondalkin where i live,,,,i am entering MM/DD/YYYY into handset,,,i will have to set the backlash and slew speed as another member said because i re set it back to factory settings and that sounds like a night mare for someone that doesn't know it but Joe_L put a link to a tread on cloudynights.com which explains alot (thanks by the way Joe_L)
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