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  1. found the other place for the other book lol Guide to Northern Constellations (Philip's Astronomy S.) : Robin Scagell : 9780540084531 I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link so feel free to delete if not
  2. there is one for £3.14 on amazon I think it has free postage also for the pocket atlas
  3. was mine the philips pocket atlas? yes I bought 3 for my friends good cheap stocking filler (well I thought so anyway)
  4. I just picked a few of the philips books for some friends (and myself hehe) the Northern Constellations book I got at £2.98 also the pocket sky atlas (5.5 mag) at £2.89 but I can't find the site I got them from I may have the Email still I can look up when I get home if anyone needs it EDIT: Oh it was free postage also
  5. welcome I don't know anything about your telescope but mine is a beginner scope at 4.5 and 114mm :/ but with that I can see jupiter and moons clearly and great moon shots we can also see some of the M clusters I say some as I have only found some so far lol
  6. welcome sorry I can't be of any help
  7. Hi from Lancs also welcome
  8. started being interested about 9 did nothing about it other then look up at the stars then dad got telescope few years later abandoned it then I took over it at about 24 I'm now 29
  9. I just got a pack of 2 firebulbs in that bargin shop for homes lol I just popped it in a lamp they work good and the pack was only 50p but they are 60w so it turns the room into a photo dark room lol but I have mine for the room reflecting behind me on the balcony so it's not to bright it may be a bit bright for inside a shed
  10. yes I noticed it also I was asking others if they could see it , good Idea about the drawings I will start doing that
  11. I have the 114 I like it I can see the moon very clear and also jupiter (still looking for other things as I have only just started) when my mum bought it (many moons ago) it was over triple the price its at now I know a lot don't like it and noticed a lot say it moves a lot, I don't get this problem but I did at first I just went through all the nuts and bolts tightened it up and now it is still the stand is flimsy though I have put tape on mine 2 make it stronger lol heres a pic of the moon from my 114 (novice pic as I just held cam to lense lol no holder or anything so it aint perfect)
  12. aww fab news you made me realise that mine could fall at some point well actually its a deffo as sometimes it will fall when I am stood there but caught it .................. I have just put scope outside but I have put loads of tape around his legs (its the ajusting bit that fails) it seems stronger now lol but I will be looking for better tripod thanks for making me do something about my stand before it fell I know it is not the best answer but it has worked for now
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