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  1. I think you're right; I've just found the UK one. Thanks for pointing me at t
  2. I think I stumbled on it but it was asking for a fee to joiwhich out me off as I didn't know if it was worth it or not. I'll take another look though John, thanks !,
  3. A frustrating 10 days, but last night we consummated our relationship. Like all first times there was a lot of fumbling about and it was over all too quickly, but it was good for me I manged to setup and test the goto and even have a quick peep at Jupiter (I only had the low power lens out as I'd told the other lady In my life I was just testing the scope was ok)...but I could still see bands and moons. Amazing !! It couldnt have been too bad as the earth moved....a bit too much really, so working out how to track is next on the list !!
  4. Being new to astronomy it was a shame the section wasn't there as eBay was my only real avenue for some decent 2nd hand kit to get me started.....and with few people not entertaining postage due to weight and fragile items the options were reduced even more. In the end I think I paid a little over the odds....but there you go; onwards and 'looking' upwards ;-) I like the idea of a 24 hr 'interest' period (Bulkins I think)....but it needs to be zero-touch for the admins otherwise it'll be a massive drain.
  5. ...but I can't stop smiling. I think I may be in love with my first ever scope (and I've not even had it outdoors yet!!)
  6. All very useful, thanks !! It came with a skywatchers 10 and 25, so I was wondering if the celestron ep kit which includes filters would be a good first upgrade?....or is it worth getting I dividual lenses and filters of better quality?...maybe even biting the bullet and going up to 2"
  7. Hello everyone, I'm realitively new to the hobby and have just treated myself to my first scope to compliment my bins. I've managed to get a used non-gps Meade LX90 but unfortunately it didnt come with any accessories, so I was wondering if anybody could advise me on a few useful eyepieces, filters ands other gibbons to make it more rewarding. I'd like to give imaging a go, so I think an imager will be on the list but I was wondering whether the Meade DSI was the best bet, or if there is a better non-Meade alternative ? Thanks in advance
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