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  1. AndrewG

    LDN 1251

    Impressive Image... wow!
  2. AndrewG

    Messier 17

    Nice colours and depth! Thanks for sharing.
  3. AndrewG

    Newbie help

    I too started with Andromeda in my Cannon days...… maybe checkout Astro Photography Tool (APT) gallery page, I am on the first page and the images have all the exposure settings I used for a standard Canon EOS 5D unmodified.
  4. AndrewG

    First Time Sharing

    Thanks for sharing your hard work, nice images! I had the same issue with setup, which in the UK ain't good as I would just get going and the clouds would come in, eventually I went for a permanent setup which makes life so much easier. I do agree with MarsG76 its clear to see improvement over time .
  5. AndrewG

    The Wall - widefield test passed

    Hi Ivo, Long time no speak...…… thanks for sharing the excellent widefield image! I have not taken an Astro Image since late 2015 but am getting ready to start again.... great images like this give me encouragement ... now all I need some clear skies, oh no its raining at the moment what are the odds of that !
  6. AndrewG

    Hot Summer nights with Andromeda

    Bryan....images look great !!! Did you have much more noise to deal with compared to our normal climate conditions?
  7. Amazing image ....... are you sure you didn't buy that Hubble Telescope on First Lights website !
  8. AndrewG

    Dusty old Cepheus.

    Olly... another awesome image, the dust looks amazing!
  9. AndrewG

    Pillars in progress

    Looks great Ivo thanks for sharing!!!!! Wish we had clear skies but being up north it don't really get dark at this time of year .... roll on mid to late August. Cheers
  10. AndrewG

    My first 'real' Deep Sky.... so happy!

    Great first image I really like it!! Very slippery in deed.........look what happened to me and my bank balance.......... !
  11. AndrewG

    goofing around with pixinsight - m42

    I personally find Pixinsight works for me, I often then use Photoshop to just tweak. I found Harry Page (and his tutorials) a godsend as he really gives great beginner advice and helps you understand the Pixinsight format / workflow.
  12. AndrewG

    NGC7000 + Warts, Sony A7S on Tak Epsilon

    I really like the star colours, they look great!

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