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  1. Hi Martin, thanks for the reality check - Kudos. I have re-processed from the beginning using some masked stretches to try and keep stars smaller, and have used the Hubble palette to provide a different mix of colour. I think this is better by far...…….
  2. AndrewG

    The Next Step

    Images using Avalon Linear and Atik One 6
  3. Tried to re-process but this was the best I could do, although I think I have made the stars smaller doing more masked stretches!
  4. Thanks Wim for the advice. I will try to emulate what you have done and when complete post my efforts, that's what makes this forum great..... it allows us to learn from others and raise our game! Thanks again all!
  5. Roger and Darren, thanks for the great comments. Hej Wim, thanks for the advice. I didn't know about Starnet so gave it a quick go and then re-layered with stars, what do you think? Thanks all.
  6. Thanks all for the feedback... I have added a bit more saturation and slightly increased the contrast as you all recommend. I didn't want to overdo it so what do you think now? Maybe I should try to reprocess again in Pixinsight with star masks to make the Nebula's stand out more??
  7. Hi All, It's been a long time since my last efforts..... have had a few years / sort of gave up given weather and climate in UK. Anyhow I have tried to use the gear I have to pull together a NB image of SH2-132, didn't like what it looked like based on Hubble Palette, so messed around in Pixelmath and then combined a couple of variants in Photoshop. What do you guys think, as any pointers would be appreciated? Total approx. 15 hours of data with even split between Ha, Si, and O. Cheers
  8. Impressive Image... wow!
  9. Nice colours and depth! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I too started with Andromeda in my Cannon days...… maybe checkout Astro Photography Tool (APT) gallery page, I am on the first page and the images have all the exposure settings I used for a standard Canon EOS 5D unmodified.
  11. Thanks for sharing your hard work, nice images! I had the same issue with setup, which in the UK ain't good as I would just get going and the clouds would come in, eventually I went for a permanent setup which makes life so much easier. I do agree with MarsG76 its clear to see improvement over time .
  12. Hi Ivo, Long time no speak...…… thanks for sharing the excellent widefield image! I have not taken an Astro Image since late 2015 but am getting ready to start again.... great images like this give me encouragement ... now all I need some clear skies, oh no its raining at the moment what are the odds of that ?!
  13. Bryan....images look great ? !!! Did you have much more noise to deal with compared to our normal climate conditions?
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