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  1. I've been looking at 300d's and was wondering if you can control them from a PC, like exposure time and the like and download images with out the need for a card in the camera? Also what software you use with yours?
  2. Ya I thought I'd gone a bit ott but it'll come in handy as a red light! I've got a few 9v LED's so will try them with lower volt batteries.
  3. I've just tried to make an illuminator and think I've over done the LED! I hadn't see this thread before I started so I used a 9v LED with a 9v battery. Now having tried to use it I think it might be a bit ott! Does the LED need to be quite dim for it to work properly?
  4. Hi there, my name is Dave and I live in Derby. I've been around on here a little while but a couple of people have pointed me in the direction of the EMS group so I thought I'd say hello. I spend a lot of time over on the Astronomy Shed site, great site and a very helpful bunch :-) I've not had a scope very long but really enjoying imaging with it when I can get it aligned properly! I need to spend more time polar aligning me thinks. I use a ST102 on a EQ5 pro mount driven by EQMOD so finding my feet with all that and image with a LX mod spc900. I'm enjoying learning about it all and it's going well so far I think, here's a couple I've done.
  5. Thanks for the advice and heads up but I picked up a used EQ5 pro for a good price yesterday so all sorted now. Just got to learn how to use it now! lol
  6. Hi sloz. I'm in Allenton, I lived in Sawley for a short while recently, nice place and reasonably dark I would guess, unlike where I am now
  7. Hi Andy, ya it's just like at home, it's nice and warn in the lounge but the shed is the place to be
  8. "Don't people use Google anymore ??" Good point! lol I should have added i anyone had used them? The DK-3 system looks a lot better built than the SW one.
  9. I know skywatcher made the dual axis motors or their mounts but I was wondering if anyone else makes a better set for the EQ5?
  10. Does anyone know if you can still get the CG5 mount without the GOTO? I can't seem to fine one, it seems you can get the CG4 but not the 5!
  11. I'm looking at getting a EQ5 with the motors but there's one thing I'd like to know. Can the motors be disengaged easily while getting close to what you want to see/image then be hooked up again or fine tuning? I have a EQ2 with a RA motor at the moment and to do large movements I have to loosen the screw that grips slow motion bar then when I get where I want I have to run the motor round till the screw lines up with the flat on the slow mo bar. Does that make sense?! It's a real pain to say the least Dave
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome guys and the comments about my photo I used a flashed 880 webcam and am really surprised at the quality of the final result. I'm getting a LX modded one shortly so will be giving DSO a try Dave
  13. Yosser70

    Hi from Derby

    Hi all, just a quick hello. I'm just getting back into astronomy after dabbling a good few years ago. My main interest is in imaging. I got myself a ST102 and a webcam and came up with the image below on my first try. I got the GRS and if you look very closely you'll see Io peeking out on the right :-) Talk about lucky! lol. I have a lot to learn and am looking forward to sharing what I come up with on here.
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