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  1. Sorry, just sold the 200p complete...... thanks for the replies, Martin
  2. This telescope is in great condition and comes with all the standard lenses and adaptors. Upgraded with the addition of a Sky-Watcher 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope which makes finding your selected object a lot easier. Also comes with a Telrad finder and Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece plus the usual eyepieces and a extra 2x Barlow. Please contact PM me for more information, thanks for looking. Looking for £250 can deliver if local to Wiltshire.
  3. The maths is my weaker point too......... if you can put numbers into an equation and get an answer then you're nearly there! I find the difficult part is interpreting the question........
  4. Seems very fitting and poetic that there will be a Blue Moon tonight on the day of Neil Armstrongs funeral. Brings a new meaning to "once in a blue moon"....... “For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request,” the family said. “Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink."
  5. The programme content for me just scratched the surface......... there were a alot of discoveries/theories in there, some old ones, but because of that I think they generalised too much, mainly because they only had an hour. Maybe too popular science...... I'd like to see a series of them focusing on a priciple and the people behind it. Some of the people involved spend years on a project.
  6. Any of you guys doing the Astronomy course managed to log on and access the applications..... ie MSword etc? When launching them an application error appears. I think there is a known issue with using IE9. I have managed to get into the webCT area where there are some user guides...... was hoping to get a peek at the workbook, it's not there.
  7. I was too for a while...... I'd advise you to phone/e-mail them and ask about which course/module you are on. They were very helpful......
  8. Good to see there are a few peoples brains to pick..... Looking at their pricing structure ( two sets of fees)...... I think you can do an indivdual cert in Astronomy, Cosmology or Astrobiology then use it to go for the Cert HE later which incorporates these modules....... and save some money?
  9. Been meaning to sign up for this for a while...... I'd been putting it off for various reasons..... But applied for the Certificate of Higher Education in Astronomy Course - VSASTR511 last week and got accepted yesterday........... Really looking forward to doing this course which will fill in those cloudy nights, hopefully i'd like to carry on and do a few more!!!
  10. Had this in our village........ unfortunately there was a burgalry, someone tried to nick heating oil from a neighbour. Could have been nasty as the tank they tried to break into was LPG!!!! The lights are now back on...... Good while it lasted though, great views of the milky way.......
  11. Amazing BBC4 show about the mechanical device found in the sea of the island of Antikythera. The program shows research done to find out how it worked....... Worth a watch if you can see it...... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01hlkcq
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