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  1. I'm round the corner from you, not too far from Oldbury :-)
  2. Sorry if this has been said but didn't a rather large asteroid hot the moon and cause an explosion bright enough to be seen from earth last year? I didn't read the full story but it was on Sky News a couple of days ago, I think it was actually witnessed first hand too
  3. No astro presents but I got a drill and a set of drill bits, screwdriver bits and socket wrenches, not the typical present for a girl but I've been saying I need a drill for months now so Santa was clearly listening :-) it's the best present I had tbh (Tried to attach a photo but won't let me :-( it's saying I don't exist )
  4. thank you! as soon as I have the scope back I'll give it a once over, I'll also get a lead to connect my battery up when I'm next out in birmingham.
  5. how easily is it to check these things? are they easy to open up and have a look? I wish it was here now so I could have a mess.
  6. It's being stored at a friends at the moment, every time I've used it it's had batteries in, I have a 12v battery but need to buy a lead to use with it so I've never tried it out, as for the age ect it wasn't mine from new so I really have no idea, I'll check the power issue first, luckily i have a good friend who is an electrical engineer so I'l get her to have a look for me and test the power outage.
  7. I need some advice from someone who is mechanically minded, my nexstar isn't working properly, the motor will turn the scope left to right no problem but up and down doesn't work properly or sometime needs a helping hand to get moving, is it possible to change the motor? I've not opened it up yet to see how the thing works, I'm waiting for some advice first,
  8. This thread is giving me a headache :-0
  9. Actually I noticed a while ago but thought would be a good time to point it out, Wallpapering my scope sounds like an amazing idea!! That's tonight sorted :-D
  10. I'm going left, wish me luck :-p Thanks guys x
  11. Just having a looking on eBay for the book turn right/left at Orion, there's both, which one should I get? I'm very confused :-p
  12. I've had many of my best nights after one or several cans of that Aussie lager I probably can't advertise, last one was in Ogwen Valley in snowdonia, few beers, chilli cooked on a camping cooker and just a bivvi bag to sleep in, I know what you mean about the plough, I though the exact same, so bright it felt like you could touch it, awesome feeling, I'm off to do some of the Anglesey coastal walk in a couple of weeks and we are going to bivvi on a secluded beach, cannot wait for the skies :-) glad you had an ace night x
  13. I'm intrigued about the boat opinion, I happen to know someone with a yacht and all necessary qualifications to take people out on it, * hatches a plan *
  14. I'd love to go!! always something Ive wanted to see, funnily enough i was looking at the list of eclipses and seeing which ones would be feasable, let me know how your plans go
  15. 99.9% of the population think Milky Way refers to a chocolate bar!
  16. Open University do astronomy courses at various levels too, something I looked in to but they changed the fee structuring so it's way out of my league now. Good if you have the money spare though, good luck :-)
  17. I know what you mean, I'm rarely awake to see astronomical darkness, don't stay up like I used to, not with a 3 year to wake me up anyway, the sky is pretty amazing at that time though isn't it?
  18. I wish I'd taken my scope!! We planned to bivvi on a mountain but as I wasn't feeling good stayed on a campsite so would have been perfect, never mind though, next time it's going in the boot :-)
  19. Thunder which sounded like cannon fire woke me up at about 5am Tuesday morning, got up and stood on my door step for a while, fell asleep when it died off until about 7.30am when it really kicked off, my skin went tingly and prickly because the storm was so close, best one I've seen for a very long time, absolutely love a good storm, been obsessed since I was a kid
  20. Went to snowdonia a couple of weeks ago to bivvi out, managed to stay awake all night and had the most epic views of the sky I've ever had!! Unfortunately the reason I was awake all night is because I felt really poorly so couldn't sleep, still I watched the sun set, the stars rise and set then watched the sun come up over Ovwen Valley, Was meant to climb gribin ridge sunday but had to head home at 8.30am as I was zombiefied :-(
  21. Glad I didn't just post my rant on facebook, I thought as its a true full moon tomorrow it coincided with the perigee, whoops, I'd have look very silly, it's super cloudy here too :-/
  22. Ok ok, it's the enterprise, argument over :-)
  23. Haha!! Oh ok I don't feel so dumb now, I did think it looked a bit like the enterprise though :-) x
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