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  1. The big use I have had for this device is that if it is cloudy and a star suddenly appears then I can identify the star and use it to align my (goto) mount. When the sky eventually clears then it saves valuable observing time.
  2. I have seen several news reports about a Russian satellite that is due to be launched and is expected to be magnitude -10. I couldn't find any discussions, so I thought I would see if anyone knows what is really going on.
  3. John, Thankyou for answering. It just kept cross threading and in the end I couldn't tell if they were mean't to fit. Now you have told me that they should, I soon got it to fit. thankyou again.
  4. I have just bought a Meade eyepiece. My telescope is a Skywatcher along with the eyepieces and moon filter that came with it. When I tried to attach the moon filter to the new eyepiece, it would not fit. Would it be expected to fit i.e. is the filter mounting thread standard accross makes of eyepieces? Thankyou
  5. This is my first post and it seems fitting to use it to answer this thread. About a year ago, I was walking in the Pennines having found my route far longer than I expected. When I had to stop for a rest, I lay down and after many years of looking for the milky way, it was above me, no doubt about it. The thought that I wished I had a telescope is what made me go out and buy one.
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