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  1. I don't care if it can or can't produce a true L image, that was not the question. It was being stated, as fact, on this board that you cannot take a monochrome RAW image with a DSLR. WRONG, see my link above to see one. The question of what it has taken is another question altogether.
  2. For those that don't believe me I will put a link to a RAW monochrome image I have just taken in the kitchen with my 600D. It is not a true monochrome, as Ian vehemently pointed out, but that was NOT the question. All I said was a 600D can save a monochrome image in RAW, which it will. Sorry if that is upsetting but there it is. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6mttnz86hn6t9m/IMG_2912.CR2
  3. Not quite true. My 600D when in manual will save RAW monochrome. When you look at the 3 colour histogram they are all identical so acts like a luminance channel. Don't get caught up in the CCD v DSLR debate either, I have seen some extraordinary images taken by both. With a programme like Startools you can also strip the individual RGB out from a stacked image to process each colour individualy. Just something to think about.
  4. I think it is a great scope for visual and AP. I would have gone for the triplet if I could have afforded it but I am very happy with this model anyway. I took this picture with it not long after getting it. This is with the 0.8 FR which also has a flattening effect. I don't think you will be disappointed if you get this one.
  5. I should have thought about which picture to attach as I have just got a cheap 400mm achro to be used with the modded 450D and the Ha clip filter. I will have to get registar as the second camera on the Altair is a 600D and with a CLS clip filter which will have a different picture pixel size. The picture below is the second quick trial and shows a bit better the limitations which could be not having the focuser tight enough.
  6. Where did you read that as that is the wrong type for this scope. I spoke to Altair to see which FF/FR would be best for this scope and was told the LW-0.8xRED is matched for our scope. It connects with a 2" push fit straight into your focuser and a T thread the other. It works well as demonstrated below. I nipped out as soon as I had got it and took this just to try it out along with the new Ha filter.
  7. I am also a fan of the 100RS even though when I got it one of the baffles had gone sideways halfway down the tube. I just removed the front optics, straightened the baffle and put it back together. Simples. Just taken my first image of the moon with it.
  8. Hi Sandy I can only report what experience I have had with actually using the thing. I had 2 small 4" dew heaters (set at 50%) and an HEQ5 running off it for 2 sessions of about 5 hours each. Once star alignment is done I usually only then guide on a couple of targets so usage from the mount is minimal I will grant you. The netbook runs the guide QHY5 camera and this runs on its' own battery for around 5 hours so this is the limit of one nights imaging. The 2 DSLRs run on their own batteries as well. My main point was how light this thing is compared the the normal heavy and cumbersome power
  9. Lovely but I bet you can't put in a coat pocket and carry it 300 mts to a field site without a hernia.
  10. Thank you all for your kind words.
  11. That's because there optics in my scope are great, unlike the OP whose seem to be pinched. My horse head is with the x 0.8 reducer (f5) which also acts as a flattener according to Altairs' website. In this respect it does a very credible job. If you look here you will see where I used the FF/FR on my TAL 100RS albeit as a test just to see what it did to the TAL. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/199626-lunar-dslr-tal-100rs/
  12. Fed up with lugging that huge car jump start battery around to run you mount and dew heaters while imaging at a dark site. I know I was until Melsky from our group showed me his latest acquisition from FLO. Enter the Tracer 12v 22Ah 1.25 Kg Lithium polymer battery. So light you can mount it on your belt if wanted. These are not cheap but they are amazing. I have had 2 x 5 hour sessions, running both the HEQ5 Pro and a couple of dew heaters, and the LED indicators on top still show 3/4 full. Now admittedly I am not swinging from object to object all night but rather find a target and track
  13. I bought one of these and find it a great bit of kit. My first light was at the sky at night filming at the Rollright Stones for the Moore moon marathon. Had some wonderful views of the moon using the WO binoviewer. I have since got the 0.8 FF/FR from Altair as well. Below is the first Ha picture taken with the modded 450D through this fine scope.
  14. Tried a few pics with the 600D hanging on the end of the TAL. I forgot I had the .8 FF/FR still on but seemed to make little difference. Used the intervalometer and silent shutter within magic lantern to get 200 frames. Whipped them through PIPP and then into Registax 6.
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