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  1. About 10 between three of us in Worcestershire. Clouds scudding over now, but we will take a look later as well.
  2. Adam, I realise that I have not answered your question - I guess you might have to contact Stellarium or download 0.11.1 and use trial and error. When you download, if you select the option to keep both versions then you will be able to revert to 0.10.2 if the newer version won't work. Derek
  3. Hi Adam, I downloaded Stellarium 0.12.1 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/stellarium/?source=dlp and have it running under OS 10. 8. 4 before that I was running Stellarium 0.11.1. There's a button for Mac at the top of the Stellarium page http://stellarium.org to the right of the Linux Penguin. Clicking this takes you through to source forge. All the best, Derek
  4. Hello Cpper, Can you buy Carl Zeiss Jena 10x50s either used or new old stock? These should be under your budget and give good views if the objective lenses are not badly scratched. They are heavy to carry about for birding though. For bird watching I would prefer 8 x 42. If you can look through the binoculars and hold them then I would not hesitate to buy used. Regards Derek
  5. Yes, fantastic to see Saturn again after all the clouds and rain. Low down at 11.30 in Worcestershire and some moon glow, but a promise of better views into April. We have a 4.5 inch reflector and Saturn still spectacular. Regards Derek
  6. Hi Amit and all, I bought the first of Doug's alternatives 18 months ago as a family scope for my 10 year old: Starblast 4.5 Dobsonian: 450mm focal length; 17mm & 6mm modified acromat EPs; table top dob base. The tube is well finished and solid. The focusser as you would expect is plasticy as is the red dot finder. The dob is certainly portable and solidly made - it needs to be on a table or a solid support - I use a dustbin in order to raise the eyepiece to a level comfortable for adults. The eyepieces supplied are labelled Explorer 11 and the paperwork describes them as Kellners. Foll
  7. Hi Steve, from cloudy Worcestershire. Derek
  8. Had a run of wet mornings. But today at 7.15 am before their last day at school the kids were rewarded with their first sight of Saturn's rings. Both, aged 7 and 11, excited and didn't moan that it was tiny. It is great to see the wow factor still exists despite the wonders of i pads and NASA pictures. Seeing things for yourself is still magical. Derek
  9. That's great to hear. I've yet to see Saturn through my scope - let's hope we get some dark skies. Derek
  10. Hi Claire, In Leo - find the Plough and look to the right. Here's BBC link Good luck! Derek
  11. Olympus glass is very good. Another vote for Viking. A trip to an optics shop will give you some ideas about weight and sizes. Second-hand are often a good buy. I find my Zeiss East Germany 10 x 50s are great optically, but rather heavy for extended use. I tend to use my birdwatching bins 8 x 40 or 7 x 50 as they are lighter and don't shake. They also have adjustable eyecups which the old zeiss don't. Derek
  12. MalvernWalker


    Hello from another Derek in Worcestershire. You live in a grand location, hope you get some clear sky. Derek
  13. It's not a dumb question at all. The effect is an optical illusion caused by scattering of light by water droplets in clouds - in fact having looked at this site, what we saw was strictly a lunar corona not the 22 degree halo. I think you need a fullish moon with thin clouds. Pouring with rain tonight, so no interesting atmosphere effects. Derek
  14. Very nice image and as a photographer who's never attempted astrophotography, it was interesting to see your comment on technique. Cheers Derek
  15. Hi Claire, Damp and cloudy in Bromsgrove tonight, but there's a halo found the moon. We have a new telescope, so can expect cloudy nights! Good wishes Derek
  16. Cloudy in the English Midlands, some brief views of the moon earlier, but now there's a halo round the moon, something which Ive seen relatively rarely. Entranced my 11 yr old daughter. Derek
  17. Thanks for your warm welcome folks! We are just in after observing the moon and Jupiter with cloud bands and four moons. Everyone really excited by what they could see. Derek
  18. Cwmrhwyddfor Reviews, Snowdonia Campsites This is a great location for Cader Idris - basic facilities on a farm. Stayed in July Wild camping is possible at Llyn y Gader: Cadair Idris from Dolgellau | Walk Eryri Derek
  19. Thanks for this, Steve. I come to astronomy from birding so the holding techniques are especially appreciated. Derek
  20. I've just bought my 8 year old son a telescope for his birthday on 6th Nov. We have some decently dark sky here, when it isn't raining, and have been using binoculars and a spotting scope up to now. My 11 year old daughter did a project on the moon last year so we managed to observe the different phases over a month- she can pick out some constellations. I bought the little Orion Starblast 4.5 as a first scope - it is portable enough to take camping in the car and over the fields to get some even better dark. Ive just set it up with the finder to view the Droitwich transmitting masts - so I
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