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  1. Hi all, I've been following the thread and seem to have had similar problems, just thought I see if anyone had any solutions. Put scope out last night to cool down, primary and secondary mirror were fine but EPs fogged up as did the finder scope . They just seemed to soak up the dew like a sponge. Is there a solution to this problem?? Ps not my intention to highjack the thread.
  2. Hi welcome to the forum :-)
  3. Only spotted one meteorite by chance about 01:00. I was just setting up scope and spotted it whilst waiting for it to cool down, generally I've had ok viewing here tonight.
  4. Glad to see some people are getting a quick session in even if it didn't last. Just got back home to a cloudy sky :-( hopefully better over the weekend .
  5. Finally managed to get some time with my new 250p Dob. Only managed 1/2 hour on Jupiter before having to pack up and goto work, but it was a good fist light. Hope sky's over Birmingham stay clear until I'm back from shift. :-)
  6. I know it's often difficult to ignite the passion we all have in the night sky with others. All to often you just get a shrug of disinterest when pointing out Jupiter or showing someone how to find polaris, but from time to time you do get someone who's really interested and for them it could be there first introduction to the night sky , and how to find objects. That person may then pick up a scope. I know that's how it happened for me. That and your nieces bf sounds like a (insert ur own expletive) :-)
  7. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and just looking for some advise. I currently have a skywatcher 150mm f/1200 Refractor on an equatorial mount. I'm considering upgrading to 250p or 300p dobsonian however having never used one my main concerns are. 1)How easy a Dob mount is to use. 2) Is it difficult to track objects on a non equatorial mount such as planets, moon. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
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