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  1. Hi! Back when I graduated junior high school (7-8th grade; nowadays they call that "middle school"), my parents gave me a small, hand-held telescope as a gift. It goes from 8 to 25-power thanks to a zoom lens, and I've used it often for amateur astronomy - especially for observing lunar eclipses and moongazing in general. Time was, I was able to use it by taking my glasses off and holding the eyepiece directly to my eye, but my vision has gotten worse over the years and I can only use this scope - or my binoculars - with my glasses on. The problem with my scope is that it has a metal eyepiece, and if I were to hold it against either lens of my eyeglasses, the metal might scratch the lens! Does anybody know of a company that sells a rubber eyepiece that I can attach to my telescope so I may use it again? It's a perfectly good scope, and it's more powerful than my binocs (Bushnell 7x10). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I'm TransWarpDrive. I'm a resident of the Chicago area who's interested in astronomy. I'm mostly interested in observing the Moon, using binoculars or a telescope. I've also observed other planets, though - one night I got a good look at Jupiter and three of her moons through my binocs. I'd like to do more star- and planet gazing, and maybe even upgrade to a stronger telescope or pair of binoculars in the near future. I found your forum by chance last night while looking up a link to instructions on how to print out and build a paper Moon globe (the link I had seemed to have expired recently). After looking your site over, I thought I'd join. I look forward to many fruitful discussions on astronomy here with all of you.
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