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  1. sorry bout that,i was just typing what i felt and said,il edit it out.
  2. so today i got to work at 5.55am and i got sent home because the delivery never turned up,i got back on the tram and rushed home to get a last look at the sky. at around 6.40 i got my scope out and set her up,i saw 2 stars about south west,10 minutes later i noticed that one star had moved ''thats a planet'' i said to myself,so i aimed my finder at it but it was under my hedge,so i extended my tripod legs,got my makeshift stand and aimed straight at the planet,at first i thought it was a star with 2 streams of light coming from iver side ''thats bloomin saturn'' i got my 6mm out and got a closer look ''it is saturn'' a rush of excitement filled my body then a tear dripped from my eye.
  3. Alec S343 UNSC

    Alec's Album

    This is my album of my everyday stuff and life,it could be me doing extreme balancing to me doing extreme lanking and off course the stars to :D enjoy
  4. well if we sent manned missions to said roids then we can start farming it for metals instead of sucking the earth dry for what its got.
  5. halo..a super weapon designed to destroy all sentient life in our galaxy to starve the flood,when a reclaimer is giving the task of activating the halo array,he must journey to the library and retrieve the index,from there he must make his way to the halo control room and insert the index into a holo terminal,obce this is done all 7 halo installations will activate and send a cleansing beam across all of the known galaxy and beyond,the last time the halo array was fired it was over 100,000 years ago,and it took life that many years to evolve to its current state. thats my 2 cents of what it could be
  6. dont worry about me im ex army so im trained for anything.
  7. so for the next week i have scaffolding on my house while they fit solar panels [uk sun lol] so lets hope that there are clear nights this week because im sure as hell going to take advantage of this elevation
  8. cool mate thanks,i dont plan on selling it to be honest,my kids will need a scope when i have them even though i made a bad choice in scope im still gob smacked when i look through it,im never dissapointed with what i see,but thats coming from someone who only brought a scope just over a month ago. the one thing i want to avoid is looking through other peoples scopes when i get to a meetup,i dont want to do that then feel down that my scope cant get the views like the others. i have yet to name my scope, i like The Bubble Telescope
  9. OMG,its a covenent cruiser coming out of slipspace...i have to warn the captian.
  10. lol at egg sucking haha now all i have to do is hope i get a clear night when i wake up at 4am for work,might even set my alarm for 3.30 am.
  11. im 1000% sure it was not,orion had already passed below my field of view and this star was high in the sky,i know enough to know that it could not possibly be betelguese.
  12. YES!!! thats another planet in the sack in my scope it seemed really small,i nearly mistaken it for a star but noticed it was round,will i be able to see it larger at other times of the year or is what i saw the best il be able to see?
  13. i have downloaded it but i have a really bad laptop and very limited downloads speeds and my copey is a bad copey,it hasnt got all the features it should have,most of it is blank. i edited my post as i did abit of research and found it could of been mars. like i said it was south and semi high in the sky,it didnt twinkle and in my scope it was circular,to the right of it was a bright star,the sun was coming up from the east and from what i know of the sky,orion would be below it or abit to the right below it. like i said,my laptop cant handle stellarium.
  14. at 7am today i looked outside and the sky was clear but the sun was rising,i saw a amber light above where orion had set to the south high in the sky,to the right was a star,i got my scope to look at it,with the naked eye it did not twinkle and when i got my scope on it,it seemed to be round. is this mars?
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