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  1. Hi. I have created an SER file with oacapture running on Astroberry on a Raspberry Pi - I've been using Astroberry/Kstars/Ekos successfully for DSO imaging for a while. When I try to load the SER file into Registax 6 in my Windows VM, it seems to randomly crop and add blank scan lines to the frames. The SER file appears normal when viewed in SER Player, and PIPP - see attached screenshot. I have a workaround in that I can export the SER file in AVI format from PIPP, which can then be processed by Registax, but I don't know if that is a 'lossy' conversion, and it adds extra steps I could do without. Long story is that I am using a very old Celestron Neximage and oacapture on Astroberry, but oacapture will not save in AVI format which was my first choice ... so had to save in SER. Any help appreciated. Mind you the end result wasn't too bad as far as I was concerned - image attached. Cheers Terry
  2. Talites, I've been using my TAL200K Klevtsov-Cassegrain for imaging since acquiring it in 2018, it's the later F8.5 version with curved vanes and Crayford focuser, I use a Canon 1100D DSLR. However ever since I started I have noticed a radial aberration that increases as you go further off-axis. Is this just the expected spherical aberration you would see with a Cassegrain or something different. I presume it is not guiding or polar alignment error because it is a radial aberration. Single 300s image (of M17 Omega) attached. For info Nenad Filipovic's TAL website shows the aberrations of the PSF for Klevtsov (and others) - http://www.nfilipovic.com/astrophotography/tal200k-ota-review If it is 'just' spherical aberration can it be corrected by a field flattener? Could I just use say an SCT field flattener - I have a Meade Reducer/Flattener for a Meade 8in SCT - I realise I would need to change the back of the 200K for an SCT back and get a new focuser - https://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=380&sprache=english# Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks Terry
  3. Thanks but I'm still stuck - looked at all the Astroberry and GPS stuff I could find. I can pair my TomTom Bluetooth GPS NMEA device to Astroberry but it then says 'No useable services on this device' when I try to connect via the Bluetooth Control. If I setup INDI to connect GPS NMEA - on the driver panel I only see the option to connect via Ethernet. Presume I am missing something to connect Astroberry INDI GPS via Bluetooth? Screenprint attached. Any help appreciated - I'm quite techie (happy running commands) but not a Unix Wizard. Thanks Terry
  4. All, I'm running both a RPi3 and RPi4 with Astroberry Server - Great! The RPi3 is used in Client/Server Mode attached to my local WiFi network in my obsy - so I run KStars (and Ekos) on my MacBook Pro - so the Pi doesn't need to know the date/time. It runs in C/S Mode because it doesn't seem to the power/memory to run Kstars/Ekos ... so I bought a 4GB RPi4 ... My plan is to use the RPi4 Astroberry Standalone as a hotspot out in the field for outreach from say an iPad via Web browser ... however I have to set the date and time every time I boot up (as it doesn't have a RTC) ... but I have an old TomTom Wireless (Bluetooth) GPS NMEA Device. Can Astroberry get the date and time (and location) from the TomTom Bluetooth GPS device at Boot Time or at Kstars/Indi start time? Thanks for any help. Cheers Terry BTW - Using the Safari web browser on an iPhone doesn't seem to work very well with Astroberry - screen sizing problems - seems Ok with VNC.
  5. Hi - Probably wrong Port - should be 11882 - it's incorrect in the documentation. Hadn't realised that EQMac should work with WiFi. I've been using EQMac and Stellarium and a PL2303 Serial to USB converter for a few years - but my Mac seems to lose connection with the PL2303 Interface sometimes - during a Slew of course so you have to re-align .... Aaargh! Recently bought a Synscan WiFi Dongle and that works fine with iPhone running SynscanPro App and iPad running SkySafariPlus6 but wanted to get it working with Stellarium on my Mac - so I can integrate it with my Canon DSLR and Guide camera processes - mind you still need wires for all the camera USB connections ? - will have to try EQMac V2 and the TCP/IP Connection in the next day or so! ? Do you still need the Synscan WiFi connected SynscanPro running on an iPhone, and connect to that, or does it bypass that? For info I run ALL my capture processes on macOS (Canon Utility, Canon DPP, PHD, EQMac, Stellarium) - only reverting to Windoze via Oracle Virtual Box to run DeepSkyStacker or Registax - then I post-process using GIMP on macOS. Although I sometimes use an ATIK Infinity when I have to use VBox again to run the ATIK Software - works fine. Cheers Terry
  6. I'm having problems getting Stellarium for MacOS talking to my iOS Synscan Pro App on iPhone and Synscan WiFi device and running my mount (EQ6). I can get Kstars to work via the Indi drivers but I prefer Stellarium. Was previously using it with a PL2302 Serial/USB connection and EQMac - which worked OK - with wires! Has anyone had Stellarium for MacOS working via the Synscan Pro App on iOS? I've defined the scope in Stellarium as Indirect with IP address and Port 11882 and they are all on the Synscan Wifi Network - says it is connected but shows no crosshairs and will not slew. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Terry
  7. All - Thanks. Looks like I used the wrong terminology - suspect I should have said mirror blank. As are all the other mirror blanks we have from the estate. The guy had all the grinding materials as well but we just don’t have the room to store them - or anyone with the skills to make them into mirrors! Anyone want or need a 24in mirror blank, or know the best place to advertise? Proceeds go to EAS. Thanks Terry
  8. Hi, Our Astro Soc has been left some of the estate of an astronomer who made his own telescopes and mirrors. One thing we have access to looks like a 24in mirror flat - its about 5in thick - and we've been told it weighs around 150lb - but we are not sure exactly what it is and if it is worth anything to anyone. Hopefully photo attached. We also have lots other smaller mirror flats! Any help appreciated. Thanks Terry - Eastbourne AS
  9. Hi, Our societies LX80 (bought before I became involved !) seems to have dropped its Altitude drive - motor runs but worm drive does not rotate - so probably the gearing. I am trying to take it apart to see if I can resolve the problem. I've removed the cover but am not able to remove the drive and gears bracket - undid the two allen bolts and one inside the battery compartment but no movement whatsoever. Looked online for any disassembly instructions but not found any. Hopefully photo attached ... Any help appreciated. Thanks Terry
  10. ... just joined. Bought a scope last year and since joined Macc AS, bought webcam, eyepieces, modded dslr, T Mounts and extra long USB cables - now I want a bigger scope!
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