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  1. Oh no! What a nasty surprise..... I bought the Field edition because it was advertised as dew proof. Perhaps I should have bought the anti dew heating pouch too! :-) . This was really bad news. I paid a lot for this star atlas.......
  2. I was a fan, and then not, and then a fan again..... When I was a beginner I observed planets, stars, a couple of easily observed nebulae, meteors, Nortern lights, etc and of course the Moon. After some years I turned to DSO's and then I considered the Moon to be light polution. Now I understand that it's a question of planning, at least for me. I find it really exciting to have a small planet so close. Now I think I have a bit of everything.
  3. I bought the field edition and I don't think I have any use of the desk edition. I once brought my copy of the Cambridge Star Atlas outside, and after a while I had to do a 100 m Olympic sprint to save it from beeing destroyed due to the dew. I think the Interstellarum field edition will last many many years. I don't know how the plastic sheets will behave outside at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius though..... I will soon know. /Mikael
  4. The topic title says it all. Your posts have inspired me to become quite interested in this topic! Thank you! /Mikael
  5. Yes, I use my stand in Alt-Az mode. Previous years I've only had cheaper mounts without motors. Those mounts were shaking in modest winds and every time I accidently touched them or when I tried to adjust the focus, they just wouldn't stop vibrating. On top of that was the manual tracking of objects. I found all that very frustrating as I spent more time on frustration than on observing. The AZ-EQ6 mount is the very best astro gear I have ever bought. Now I just bring it outside, do a 2-star alignment and after a few minutes I can start observing. Now I can really focus on what I see, relaxed
  6. Hi, Thanks to you all for your answers and suggestions. I will only use it for visual. 10" or 12"? f/5 or faster? If my AZ-EQ6 can handle the weight, then it's up to me to dance (stumble) in the dark ...... I have a small gym at home! Perhaps I can build some kind of trolley for the docking manoeuvre. I really want a light bucket! Best regards, Mikael
  7. Hi John, I have an AZ-EQ6 GT mount. Your point about overloading the mount is probably true. I was thinking of the build quality and the optical quality of these two scopes. /Mikael
  8. Need some help. Which one? GSO 305/1500 mm (f/5), Euro 745 http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5846_GSO-305-1500mm-Newtonian---12--parabolic-Mirror---Steel-Tube---opt--tube.html or Sky Watcher Explorer-300PDS / 12"/1500 mm (f/5), Euro 799 http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2805_Skywatcher-Explorer-300PDS---12--f-5-newtonian---2--1-10-crayfor.html I'm a refractor addict, but I think I also need a Newtonian /Mikael
  9. Thanks! I'll have a look as soon as the ******* cloud cover leaves...... /Mikael
  10. As you all know, the bad weather has nothing to do with global warming. We must introduce some "none astro gear buying" months during the year. I'm the first to apologize! I bought some stuff a few days ago, and the clouds overhead are darker than ever..... No Quadrantids for me this time. /Mikael
  11. Thread inserts are standard procedure for "soft" or "brittle" materials, as mentioned by other posters. Perhaps you have a friend or a machine shop nearby where you can have it fixed. If you decide to fix the bad thread, fix them all. It will be the same effort or cost. /Mikael
  12. Powering up; Powering up the mount is a straightforward and simple procedure for most of you, however, not for me. I want to share my progress to those of you who also feel awkward when it comes to electrical and electronic issues. First, I decided to use a DC-regulated power supply, connected to 240 VAC, instead of using a battery power pack. This means that the power supply will be placed inside my house, and power the mount via a long cable. I could have bought a cheaper power supply, but I chose this one as I have some other use for it http://www.velleman.eu/products/view/?country=be〈=
  13. I haven't thought about listening to music while stargazing, but I often listen to these channels http://somafm.com/dronezone/ http://somafm.com/deepspaceone/ http://somafm.com/spacestation/ /Mikael
  14. Hi! My recently acquired mount has been updated with some extra features. Just unpacked and not even tested, the stand immediately began updating, piece by piece. My beloved daughter, almost three years old, never hesitates to offer a helping hand. Nice, isn't it? Merry Christmas to You all! Mikael Stockholm, Sweden
  15. Hi and welcome from another swede. //Mikael
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