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  1. Cheers Guys for the comments Dave
  2. Hi All, Its taken 2 weeks but I finally managed to get some S2 data for this. The only problem though is that the camera orientation was off so I have lost the widefield version now as a result DETAILS: Camera QSI 583 Scope Meade series 5000 ED80 HA 1HR S2 2HRS O3 1HR Dave
  3. Dave Moulton

    PELICAN 100

    From the album: Neb pics

  4. Fingers crossed John that was it. Onwards and upwards and errr downwards too sometimes depending on polar alignment Dave
  5. Cheers guys a mosaic sounds like superb idea. Not usre I could process it to make it look seemless though Dave
  6. Cheers guys, thanks for the comments
  7. Thanks Peter that sounds fair enough. I agree with both statements. Hopefully I will get some more on this and be abl eto give it a better balance Thanks again your comments are always welcome Dave
  8. HI All, Same data as the other version but colour mapped as follows HA RED Synth Green Green O3 Blue Again detals are 1HR HA 1HR O3 with a synth green channel Scope was a Meade ED80 with a Televue Flattener. Camera QSI583WS Dave
  9. Michae,l John, Thanks guys can't wait to get some S2 data on this to do it justice. Just about to post a traditional colour mapped version again with the Syth green channel. I will post it under a different thread. Dave
  10. Cheers Peter, I need some more data on this one now always S2 and O3 needed Dave
  11. Ran into daylight so need to get some more data. give it a better balance. The ED80 is a great scope for the summer nebs though Cheers Dave
  12. Hi All Another image taken last night taken through a Meade ED80 Triplet Camera QSI 583WS 1HR hA 1HR O3 Synth Green channel Hubble Mapped Dave
  13. Olly you got that right mate. It never ends Thanks for the comments Dave
  14. Ok fine by me cheers mate. I guess i have that in writing then
  15. Right you are Steve. Two endorsements are good enough for me. I will take a look
  16. Not a problem all donations are very welcome
  17. Its been a good workhorse but we always strive to improve. Mn 190 next maybe.
  18. Never useful pixinsight. It was rushed anyway so i should be able improve it a tad. Thanks for the though guy. I will look into it and see if i can add that flourish
  19. Well spotted Kevin. I didn't manage much blue signal on the second night I wasted some subs due to guiding errors when next doors garden fence came into play. Scopes gone now so this is it for this year Cheers, This always helps Dave
  20. Cheersd Mark. Only a quick repro need to tone it down a bit but inteersting to play with
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