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  1. Matt, Well done superb stuff, how on earth do you manage to track at the speed that thing moves. not only that how do you find it quickly enough to be able to image it. Dave
  2. Thanks Ian & Martin for the welcome. Martin, not had the kit that long but enjoying imaging with it. Trouble is everything in this hobby has an alternative route so I am always looking at new stuff in awe. Cheers Guys Dave
  3. Good point. I have seen some good stuff from people imaging with that scope not many people using them but an interesting option I agree. I own a Skywatcher ED100 and while I do use it now and again for imaging galaxies it is noticeably slower than my ED80 with a narrower field of view it does not get used that often I haven't found a reducer yet that would compliment it either. The ED100 would not be my first choice as an imaging scope. Dave
  4. SteelRat thanks for the compliment you too Chris thanks a lot Dave
  5. Yeah LP is a problem for me as well. Before I bought the Astronmic CLS filter to combat my local LP I was restricted to less than 3 minutes. My max sub length now is 10mins @ ISO800 that filter although a bit pricey has made a dramatic difference for me. Cheers Dave
  6. Mike, Vince cheers for the compliments guys Dave
  7. Thanks Martin with only 40mins Data it took some teasing out.
  8. Hi John I've just sent you a PM Dave
  9. Thanks again for the warm welcome guys
  10. Ha, I lived in Sealand in my youth and went to Sealand CP back in the sixties left in 1970. Who knows your Dad may have given me my first detention. What is his name. I am no expert myself John but if you need any help give me a shout anytime and I will be happy to put our heads together. Cheers, Dave
  11. Thanks Kevin, yeah it is though. Trying hard to reverse my tendency to over process but as usual I need more data Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi Steve, Not Eddies fault, I contacted him for the info . Could do worse though EH Dave
  13. Hi Eddie, Great images and it does look like a great camera as well. Thanks for sending me the images the other week it does make my next camera choice easier. Great Pics Dave
  14. Hi John 130 APO that would be on my Christmas list, how does it perform visually. Subs were 10 mins long about the limit for me with my local LP. Darks & Flats also Dave
  15. Taken two weeks ago 40 mins Exposure Canon 350D Baader Mod + Astronomic CLS Filter through a Skywatcher ED80 Mount EQ6 Pro Guiding : Meade DSI through a Meade 10" SCT Pulse guided using PHD Guide and EQMOD I hope to add some more data to it soon as it is overcooked (a nasty habit of mine overcooking) Cheers Dave
  16. Hi John, Welcome from me too. As a newbie myself to this forum I am feeling my way around at the moment. We are as good as neighbours by the way as I live in Connah's Quay. Enjoy your new scope Dave
  17. Cheers Ron. The Rosette pic was done about 2 weeks ago now and is 40 mins exp. Notable for me in one of my first attempts at pulse guiding the mount, which worked out ok.The clouds rolled in later. Hope to add data to it soon Thanks for the welcome Dave
  18. Many thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome. Cheers, Dave
  19. Hi All, Just joined the forum. I have been into Astronomy since Apollo as a child, but only this last 12 months or so have been active in the Hobby. My main area of interest is Astro imaging and the need to progress drives me forward. Hopefully I will pick up some good tips from you guys. Dave. Currently my equipment list (short version is below) Roll off Roof Observatory Mount : EQ6 pro running EQMOD Scopes: Meade 10" SCT Skywatcher ED100 & ED80 Cameras Baader modded Canon 350D & Meade DSI
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