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  1. Point taken Lewis quite right. As you say though exposure times go way up making things difficult with a DSLR
  2. Thanks Gina I would not have tried to get this done in one night but the weather forced my hand this week, with no more clear weather forcast. I thought it would be a challenge to get anything decent out of the data Dave
  3. No problem. I processed a unmoddeed DSLR pic of the Rosette for a guy on here last year and he was pretty happy with the result with his standard camera, he only had 15 mins worth of data and the Rosette was easily identifiable, so its perculiar that you can't make it out that well. Anyway don't worry. have a good day in work and I look forward to seeing your Rosette pic Dave
  4. Hi Alex, How much data did you manage, and how long were the subs. ? I love the Rosette neb lots of glorious Ha in this one. With a standard DSLR you should still capture quite a bit of the red stuff. Sure a modded camera would be better but I am always surprised at just how much Ha comes through with modern cameras given enough time on the target. Any chance of posting it up Alex so we can take a look at it. I wouldn't bother with a O111 filter, 2" filters are so expensive and of no real advantage I don't think if using a standard camera . Modding your DSLR or buying a modded camrea body would probalby be a better move for those Ha Nebs Dave
  5. Hi, Not posted many for a while so thought I would post this one from earlier this week while dodging the showers Not a lot of data as this was taken in one night Scope Meade ED80 Camera QSI583 Dave
  6. Dave Moulton


    From the album: Neb pics

    Meade series 5000 ED80 QSI 583
  7. Hi Alex welcome from me too, also from Flintshire BTW Dave
  8. Hi Phil welcome to the forum Im just up the road from you in Connah's quay so i guess that Makes us neighbours two local astro societies maybe of help. Chester have one no idea about them. North Wales astronomy society are very active 100 members they have regular meetings lectures and observing nights Colwyn bay area. OMaybe a bit far out for you though Dave
  9. March 31st Saturday MOONWATCH at LLYN BRENIG Visitor Centre, Cerrigydrudion LL21 9TT A public Astronomy Moon watch event is taking place on March the 31st at the Brenig Visitors Centre. The run event in cooperation with the North Wales Astronomy Society NWAS will have society telescopes on hand for the public to use plus lectures in the visitors centre. Why not come along to this free event to learn more about Astronomy, chat with astronomers who are always on hand to give advice Please check the NWAS web site for any last minute changes before travelling Home
  10. Thanks guys. Just been asked to table the question. The camera is on going to be used for guiding so three seconded exposures are fine. Just need a dearer consensus as to which one to buy.
  11. Rik could I ask about exposure times what is the max exposure time on this camera . can you take images of a few seconds John is your qhy5v capable of long exposure a few seconds or so
  12. Hi all, I see that the QHY5 comes in tow flavours one with a larger chip but slower frame rate. question: Which is the prefered model when used exclusively as a guide camera Dave
  13. It does look more like something in the imaging train is out of square rather than FF spacing to me Focuser sag? or as both the objective and the focuser have been removed at some point could it be that one or the other is out of square
  14. Ed80 as an imaging scope I'm amongst them mate, a superb choice as it covers most large Nebs and the local group of galaxies I own 4 scopes and the little meade ed80 I own accounts for 90% of my images and imaging is all I do A Reflector has advantages in light grasp and colour correction, shorter exposures for sure, but they have a big sail area and are difficult to guide in gusty conditions more demanding in many ways. At F4 they also get quite demanding to focus and collimation has to be spot on Guiding your mount is the key to long exposures I would keep the 120 and add a smaller refractor like a ED80 f6 for the widefield stuff. Piggy back or side by side on hte same mount.You could then chop and change the 120 for guiding or imaging depending on the field of view required Dave
  15. Cheers guys Im flattered by all the positive comments. You tend to like the narrowband pics or hate them. They are not for everyone
  16. The image that inspired me to take this was 20hrs so i was happy to get this. Cheers Andy
  17. Hats no problem. Glad you liked the pic. Im currently imaging but the wind is up to 14mph and gusting higher than that. Just about coping with it. Ic 410 is the target for tonight
  18. Hi John. A good target for your modded camera mate cheers for the comment
  19. Hi Sara, Sub times were all 10mins. Each filter managed 2hrs of data. As usual though the Ha dominated and had to be toned down a little. The Narrowband filters are Astrodons BTW Dave
  20. Thanks for the comment . Its not often I get the opportunity to get 6hrs of data on one target in the same night. I have to pick it up early to do it beforre obstructions in the garden come into play
  21. Thanks guys, I've failed on this one a few times now for various reasons so was happy to get three hours on it in the end. As stated though it could have done with more data Cheers Dave
  22. Cheers, sunglasses are on the shopping list for christmas it should make observing more comfortable
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