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  1. 4 minutes ago, teoria_del_big_bang said:

    That is a great image.

    Regarding colour of stars, halos etc I would say  they look fine for me but essentially it is your image and display it or process it to what pleases you. Stay safe in Lockdown 🙂 


    Cheers for the input Steve

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  2. A Narrowband image from Victoria Australia during lockdown this week


    Skywatcher 10" Quatro

    Qsi583wsg  data 2 hrs Narrowband 

    I'd very much like opinions regarding Narrowband stars, not so much within this image of mine but more generally 

    My question being are Magenta stars acceptable or not, some don't mind them. Others insist on removing the Magenta halos. What is deemed acceptable with regard to Narrowband star Halos, leave them in or remove them. Opinions guys.




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  3. 8 hours ago, carastro said:

    Wow, I have not seen these striking colours in this target before.  Looks great.


    You and me both Carole, I went a bit crazy on this one. It's a good job that Narrowband is subjective. 

  4. 10 hours ago, wimvb said:

    That looks great, indeed. One question: if you mapped the filters as HOO, how did you get the intense blue? 

    A good question, I probably couldn't repeat it If I tried again. The initial colour combination had that area leaning towards cyan . I brought out more Blue using the selective colour tool in PS and by layer masking. The O3 data was also  binned and stronger than I normally would expect 

  5. Gee, Jellyfish Neb , running man, running chicken, skull and crossbones, the propellor, butterfly, withches broom. Who dreams all these names up. At least this one resembles the name pretty well.

    It's a fine image, showing great resolution, superb guiding . I think this image will sell some scopes. Having said that mines better

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  6. 5 hours ago, tooth_dr said:

    I really really like this.  This is a fantastic version.   Well done on moving to Oz.  I did look into it, but they no longer want dentists :(

    I certainly do, I smashed a tooth earlier this week.

    Thanks Buddy for the comments

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  7. Thanks guys for the positive comments.

    There is a mistake  in the original post,  the data was taken not with my TS 130 Apo as stated but with my Meade ED80.


    However I do have an image of the Carina Nebula taken with the TS 130 Apo which I will include. The star processing is rubbish on this version. I do have a better one but it's on a different machine. I'll post the image if anyone is interested.


    I probably should add that I've been a SGL member for some years, I moved from Wales to Australia in 2015 so have been lucky to be able to image in both Hemispheres 




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  8. 2 hours ago, Shibby said:

    Fantastic! It's absolutely packed with excellent structure.

    The upload has suffered a bit from compression - I can see it's a PNG now, but was it a jpeg at some point?

    Yes mate  it was indeed

  9. To be fair, Brian May was definately speaking like an amateur astronomer.

    He was correct to point out that Mars is a very disappointing target to see through a telescope.

    It's difficult at times to work out the type of audience the BBC are pitching this to?

    I'm glad the guy with the viewers photos mentioned one of them was a five hour exposure.

    Overall, not a bad thing if it advertises the hobby I enjoy.

    Lets see how tonights programme goes?


    quite agree. Brian's comment about observing mars was spot on, even more impressive I felt was the fact that he offered the advise that observing Saturn can be just the opposite. Btw not only 5hrs but that image of the jellyfish was also taken over two nights. Misleading sometimes the over simplification astrophotography gets

  10. Nice one Dave, exposure details please...

    Thanks for the comments

    Exposure details are 50 mins total in Ha, S2, O3. Astrodon 5nm filters.

    The O3 data was very weak so the pic is a Bi colour process of just the Ha and the S2

    Thanks again



  11. Actually, OIII should in theory work quite well on a DSLR with its double green pixels in the bayer matrix... The Rosette is mostly Ha, though, and without modding your camera you'll need about 3x the length of exposure.

    Point taken Lewis quite right. As you say though exposure times go way up making things difficult with a DSLR

  12. Hi,

    Not posted many for a while so thought I would post this one from earlier this week while dodging the showers

    Not a lot of data as this was taken in one night

    Scope Meade ED80

    Camera QSI583



    Thanks Gina

    I would not have tried to get this done in one night but the weather forced my hand this week, with no more clear weather forcast.

    I thought it would be a challenge to get anything decent out of the data


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