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  1. While writing 'Things can only get better' with D:Ream did you know about the ultimate heat death of the Universe? If so why did you lie to us?
  2. Hi guys. I've still not made the choice regarding a scope and don't want to make the purchase until I'm sure. I'm really interested in the deep sky and wondered what size/type to go for. I know I need a reflector but there is an awful lot of light pollution where I am and the back garden is somewhat boxed in. For this reason I probably want a scope that I can put in the back of the car and get to a dark sky site. (While I'm at it, does anyone know a decent dark sky near the south east of sheffield)? What is the reasonable size of a reflector to move around? I'm not into astro photography just
  3. Hi Guys, the names Ken and I'm a new stargazer studying astrophysics at (evening class) uni that wants to get into observations. I've met Andy up at Mayfield for Sheffield Astro Soc and we've chatted briefly online. I'm from Handsworth and its lovely light polluted skys, would be nice to meet up sometime and then go on to 'gaze'. But for the moment as Andy will attest, I'm torturing myself over what kind of scope to pick up. Cheers though, hope to see you soon. Ken
  4. Thanks for the heads up so far guys. Your advice regarding scopes is very much appreciated. I just want a scope that I will grow into (skills and interest wise) but it seems as though this is very hard to acheive. I take your point about collimation Umadog, noted Also Steve, I just like my IT kit to talk to each other, I don't think that if i was putting into the car that I would be carting laptops about that much too. I'm sure that there will be some wireless 'sky-fi' type of interface that will enable me to use phone or ipad to drive the scope, again I appreciate what you say about complic
  5. Hello, my name's Ken, I'm 43 and embarking on a distance learning astronomy course but a newbie to practical astronomy. I'm looking for help in researching a ballpark £500 telescope that I can use to aid in my study of astronomy and cosmology. Here are the features that I'm looking for in a scope. (I'm going to list my ideal requirements but understand that at my budget I may not get them all). I would like a scope that- helps me see DSO and planets (in that order) is at least semi-portable (put it in the car, my backyard is terrible) doesn't need frequent collimation is motorised so I can use
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