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  1. Go and watch astronomy shed's tutorials on YouTube, they make it all seem a doddle,
  2. Seems like a good time to eBay my ED80, I might try and cash in on "the Brian Cox" effect
  3. 7 planets in one night it is then, even better
  4. I brought a pair this week, I'm pleased with them
  5. Thought I'd try to see as many planets as possible In one night on Sunday, spotted Neptune with the help of nearby Venus, Uranus by star hopping and of course Jupiter all in the evening. Then Saturn and Mars early morning, no hope of Mercury cause no clear horizon still quite pleased with myself, anyone seen Mercury?
  6. Well next clear night I'll try, I have a 6.5 so I can do a rough comparison with that and the 2x, will post any conclusive results
  7. So by that reckoning you would be magnifying an already doubled image by 4x therefore resulting in 8x
  8. Next clear night, these things have to be tried, will crown my creation with a 2" 32mm Meade, the 250pds will handle it, so who's in agreement with Luke 6x or 8x...?
  9. Hi all If you were to stack a 2xtelevue power mate in front of a 4x would your increased magnification be 6x or 8???
  10. oh well I bet it's plenty enough for my humble needs, It has a HD movie function would this not be better than a webcam for collecting data to use with Registax?
  11. Hi all I've been messing around with astro photos for a couple of months now, mainly the moon, planets and orion Started off using my wife's sony 8meg compact against the eyepiece with a modified orion mount using the camera's timer, getting good results, espicially the moon so with the arrival of my Nikon d5000 12meg dslr i was expecting a vast improvement, using 2 stacked 2x 2" barlows and a t adaptor Truth is the results aren't as good i'm not getting as much sharpness with the moon and Saturn has false colours around it I'm using live view to focus, a rmote shutter release and my polar aligment is spot on, only thing might be i'm using a cheap barlow with a powermate untill my 4x powermate arrives I can't believe a cheap digital could out perform a dslr any suggestions??
  12. Sounds like a nice area you live in, over here it's just ariels, roofs and more roofs in the way, not olive trees and mountains!!
  13. ah, thanks guys, should have checked before
  14. Hi all Found this strange line in a crater on the moon positioned somewhere near the middle, seeing as there's not atmospheric conditions up there, i was wondering what could have caused it Don't remember seeing it before, any ideas, conspiracy theories welcome!
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