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  1. Still havent plucked up courage to fit bobs knobs ,im going to give it a go tomorrow:eek:. Im a roofer so should be right up my street:D. lewis1969:)
  2. Thanks for replys and pics Quite impressed with unmodded pics! id be well happy with results like that. i reckon ill have 450d in 2 weeks time ,what else will i need ? ive got a cpc800. lewis1969:)
  3. hi Im about two weeks away from buying 450d ,i wont be able to mod it for a while, has anyone got any pictures from 450d unmodded then some after mod ,just want to see how far i can go unmodded. thanks lewis:)
  4. just recieved bobs knobs for cpc 800 ,any words of advice before i potentially ruin a perfectley good scope lewis1969
  5. Thanks for replys,ill get on that (not literally) next week. lewis:)
  6. Duct tape it is then:D. every penny saved i suppose. lewis:)
  7. hi The first night out with my scope i knocked up a dew shield out of a camping mat , i went inside for quick cuppa when i came back out dew shield had blown off, rolled to end of the garden and come undone, admittedley id only used sellotape but i vowed then to get a proper one. If i did go the craft foam way what would i use to stick foam together? lewis:)
  8. hi all im after a dew shield for the cpc 800,Is it the 8" cele gps notched ? lewis:)
  9. Forgive me if this is a stupid question , wouldnt a huge telescope show any signs of the landing site , great pictures by the way:icon_salut: lewis
  10. omg , just sat and watched half hour of lecture ,to tell you truth i didnt get any of it ,im feeling petty dumb right now:confused: ,anyone who understands all this has got my full respect:icon_salut: ,right im off to learn some basic equations to try and get my head around this:eek:. lewis:)
  11. Thanks for replys everyone,i was a bit lost for a couple of weeks . speak soon lewis:)
  12. Well that was an eventfull couple of weeks,ive moved house(only 2 miles up the road) a much darker site which is good,i finally made a decision and purchased second hand cpc 800 ,had the goto working second night out with ,very satisfying when the object creeps to the centre of your eyepiece:) ,and my broadband was switched on today, so happy days . lewis:)
  13. Thats an awsome picture !! i hope i can turn out pictures like this in the future. lewis:)
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