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  1. Hello - I hope you don't mind the PM, but I saw your post about lithium polymer batteries.  I've posted a nice, reliable, safe one for sale if you're interested ... You can check the Deben website and you will see that it's not the typical Chinese mass produced lipo that is prone to puncture and explosion.  It comes with various protections built in, and it is built to international standards.  Best of all it's only about 750g, so waaaaaaaaaaay lighter than a sealde lead acid batterery.

    OK ... sales pitch over :-)

    Thanks for looking.



  2. Battery details posted above. Slowly working my way through the rest while trying to do my day job!
  3. LAST ITEM ... Selling up to pay for a pedal harp for my daughter ... Gold Focus mask and software. Full details here http://www.goldastro.com/goldfocus/overview.php. Easy way to get critical fOcus if you don't have an electronic focuser. Includes mask and analysis software on CD. Fits OTAs of outside diameter 90-118mm. Pic below. Price £30 including P&P (33% of new). But open to SENSIBLE offers! SOLD The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer book buy Charles Bracken - Mint condition, the next step on from Making Every Photon Count. Well written, well presented and unde
  4. Unfortunately, the price is right. £659 EX VAT, but £790 INC VAT. Either you are VAT registered, they made a mistake or they've just increased their prices by 20%! EDIT: Actually it's available here http://www.sure24.co.uk/tracer-rdcbat-lp40-tracer-12v-40ah-lifepo4-battery-pack-in-peli for £654 inc. VAT, although the case dimensions look a little different from the Deben site. Either way, if anybody wants one, you probably have a small window to buy at this (potentially old) price.
  5. £650 isn't cheap, but it's a better price than I thought you'd get! Deben offer a 40Ah 12V LiFePO4 in a peli case for £790, but I see you can get the battery alone from them for £454 and then add in a charger and peli case separately. I take it you went for the latter option? Do you know what the difference is between what you ordered and their stock, £790 option? Just wondering ...
  6. Re how to hook the batteries up, they come with proprietary connectors on the battery side ... t-bar with the LiFePO4 and a little used automotive connector on the LiPOs. You can see pics on the Deben website. The other end of these cables terminate in various plus including cigar socket, Anderson Powepoles, etc. In the past, Deben have made up 2 cigar sockets to one t-bar cable for me. If you need more than that, rather than daisy chaining y-connectors you probably need to build a distribution box. And if doing that, change everything to XLR plugs!
  7. That links to Tracer LiPos not LiFePO4 batteries. The lipos have a declining voltage over their discharge cycle (curves on the FLO site from memory) whereas the LiFePO4s hold their voltage much better at around 12.5v. I have a 24Ah LiFePO4 and their capacities go north of 40Ah, but boy are you going to have to pay for the likes of them. Grab a 24Ah cell for circa £250 ( extortionate, I know) but use 90% of its capacity for years and years to come without worry). Possibly cheaper in the long run ....
  8. How heavy is it?? Possibly important for a mobile imager going to a dark site. Have a look at Deben Tracer LiFePO4 batteries - expensive, but MUCH lighter, smaller, able to be discharged MUCH further than SLAs without any problem, nice constant voltage over 90% of their discharge curve, only lose 0.5% capacity per day, 1000+ charge/discharge cycles, inbuilt over charge/discharge/etc protection and very very safe (unlike LiPos). Just a shame they're so expensive ...
  9. In fairness, I find that the vast majority of online retailers fail to comply with the DIstance Selling regulations by e.g. regularly refusing to refund outbound postage costs, failing miserably to provide required information at the point of ordering, requiring the goods to be returned in their original packaging, etc. Just for the record, attached is a nice, concise summary of the regulations for both retailers and consumers alike. DSR.pdf
  10. Callum, you can get a dec axis extender to lift the scope out of the way of the polar scope.
  11. Billy That's really helpful, thanks for the reply. i already have my Tracer Lipo http://www.deben.com/tracer-battery-packs/12v-10ah-lithium-polymer-battery-pack.html which is all nicely packaged, protected from over charge, discharge, shorts, etc and has it's own power guage. So I feel safter using it rather than a Turnigy lipo. I used to have Turnigy lipos when I was into RC helicopters but they were kept in a lipo bag when not in use and sometimes in an ammo box as well! I don't take such precautions with my Deben battery (maybe I should!) so I'll stick with that one. And as you point
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, Mick. I already have the 12V Universal DC supply and have been using it fine with my LiFePO4 battery, but that outputs about 12.5V across almost all of it's discharge curve. I'm reconfiguring things now and seeing if I can run my hub using a my lipo battery at 11.5V. I suspect it'll all be fine, but just looking for input from someone in the know. Those BECs are interesting, though. Far less bulky than my clunking great universal power supply so now you've got me thinking and a quick Google search returned this ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Waterproof-DC-Conve
  13. But your 12V gel cell will be outputing more than my lipos 11.5V, won't it?
  14. Love your first light pic! Can I presume these settings worked ok or did you modify them?
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