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  1. Got mine for under £60 from a well-known auction site and paid another £1 for next day delivery. Quite robust and well balanced. Jupiter, Andromeda, Orion & lunar stuff very good. The lens cloth and neck-strap are a bit naff as is the budget carrying case but it came with a 10-year warranty which is good. Totally agree re tripod mount. Cheap and nasty but lenses seem quite good. Also great for watching shipping and birds. Am pleased with the purchase. Great for keeping in the car for evenings when setting up your telescope is not an option.
  2. Well, I just got my first telescope after a few months of hesitancy. Am all eager to go though my only views from home are to the north. (Wish I could turn my house round!) Looking to join Heaton Park AC and get advice on setting up and eyepieces plus a camera mount. There seems such a lot to learn but heck... a man's got to have a few hobbies though this one seems to have a lot of cold and dark attached to it! Am also a radio ham (M3ILV), write a little, love steam locos. Would welcome any advice re purchasing accessories. The eyepieces on my Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ MD seem to seem to be a week spot but want solid advice before I spend any more money. Would love to meet up with any local gazers in Rossendale, Blackburn, Burnley, Bury, Rochdale etc.
  3. I too hope to attend this and find out a few basics and learn from more experienced observers. My options for observing from home are very restricted. I just wish I could turn my house round!
  4. Hi. Am brand new to the lounge so sorry if this Q has been covered elsewhere. Have just purchased my first telescope, the Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ MD. I cannot keep it assembled when not in use for reasons of space. (No pun intended!) Plus, I need to be able to transport it safely. How do I store all the bits? I had thought about one of those large plastic boxes with snap-on lids with smaller boxes for the mount, weights and lenses and perhaps a drawstring bag for the tripod. How have you more experienced astronomers tackled the problem? I would welcome any advice. (Oops sorry. I mispelt 'telescope'. Not a promising start!)
  5. Have applied for an invitation to join this group. Just bought my first telescope; a Celestron 130 EQ MD
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