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  1. Just curious how people fit in their star gazing during the summer months. Take tonight for example, got in from watching the footy, clear skies but I'm up at 05 30 so I'm off to bed right now with no gazing... Do some of you get by on very little sleep or do you wait until your days off?
  2. When I said miles off it was in the wrong direction completely, as in the second star was supposed to be in the eastern sky but the mount spun around to the south west. I really don't know what happened but I didn't change the settings at all just started from the parked position and it worked as it should.
  3. Thanks for everyones advice, it looks like you were all getting at the same thing (the starting position) but this seems to be missed off in the instruction booklet. Looking forward to tonight now I did manage to get a look at Saturn last night and it looked amazing. The scope seems pretty good quality for the price (127 Sky-Watcher Skymax although the mount will need to be updated at some point I think)
  4. I've just gone through from the parked position as described and its worked! I also attached the 12v jump starter, so not sure which sorted it but thanks. Hope the skies are clear tonight now.
  5. Yes, brand new purchase.I'm unable to update the firmware at the moment. I'll try setting it now with the scope horizontal and facing North. I'm using batterys at the moment, but I've also used a 12 volt jump started with 12v output.
  6. British summer time started on March 25th
  7. Not sure what the parked position is, its not mentioned in my instruction manual? It just says to attach the scope and go through the setup procedure entering the details and then use the controller to go to the first object?
  8. I've been reading a few posts on here offering advice on setting up the synscan goto mount but I'm getting no joy at all. I'll list what I've done clearly: Date is entered in american format (impossible to get this wrong as its the 19th). I've set the correct time and I set the time zone as zero (UK as listed in the handbook) I set Daylight saving to Yes Obtained my co-ordinates N51.5826 W2.8274 and have entered them in using degrees and minutes in the correct field. Degrees and minutes are entered in the remote as 002 49'W 51 34'N I did this last night and after centering on Vega I then chose Capella and it was miles off. I've just done a factory reset and reentered the above details now (as at 12:34) and used a gps skymap on the ipad to try and get a general guide to see if its moving toward the right place. I chose tthe 2 star alignment and directed the scope toward sirius and approximated the scope with the skymap. I then chose Regulus which should be skewing East but just as last night, it went off in totally the wrong direction, skewing down to the South West.... What on earth have I done wrong? Is the scope supposed to have the declination set to zero when I start or something?
  9. Thanks all. I'm going to have a go with an isopropyl mix this evening..indoors. fingers crossed.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I thought it wouldn't be easy. I'm really not familiar with the technical terms of the scope, so not sure about lense elements and cells? Excuse my ignorance but as I look down the scope from the wrong end, it looks as though the mark is on the inside of the objective lense? I can get some isopropyl from the local chemist I hope.
  11. Hi I dusted the scope off last night and when I looked at the end I can see a brownish mark on it, looks like some sort of liquid thats dried on the inside of the glass. The lense itself is 90mm in diameter and the mark is about the size of a 1 pence piece. Whats the recommended process for cleaning this? The scope is a Meade Bresser Messier R-90
  12. deffo declination, quite quick too looking at Venus
  13. Hi guys Not had much time to try the motor out yet due to the weather, and the instruction manual isn't the best for actually using it. If I have the motor just switched on should it just sit there and adjust the tracking or do I manually need to move it with the 2x and 32x buttons? I only ask as I left it on without touching it and found Venus was moving out of range within a couple of minutes?
  14. Cheers guys, can someone hide the thread???? lol
  15. Oh dear, now I feel like a berk! I've just sat and watched the end closely on 32x and its moving, very slowly as you say but its moving. I thought on 32x it would be wizzing back and forth?
  16. You should notice movement on 32x though shoulldn't you?
  17. I took delivery of a Bresser Messier MON1 motor drive and have been unable to get it to work. I'm very new to this, but I have followed the instructions exactly and found the website with some more http://www.astronomylog.co.uk/2007/08/30/attaching-ra-motor-drive-to-mon1-mount/ The motor is attached, the cogs are aligned and work when on. The cogs attach to the drive shaft with screws and I've I've checked that the shaft is moving along with the cogs (i.e. the screws are tight enough and are moving the shaft). The scope does not move at all on either 2x or 32x even though everything else appears to be. If I remove and attach the flexy adjuster the scope moves perfectly??? Any suggestions, am I doing something really stupid?
  18. I've had a look at Pleiades a few times and always find it fascinating. I was reading briefly about this yesterday and how farmers in the Andes used it as a guide for when to plant their crops. Its a stunning sight.
  19. Will do, thanks for the pointer. I think the more you read and understand about it, the more interesting it becomes. If the skies are clear tonight I'll have a look at both.
  20. Bought a scope last xmas and like many I had a look at the moon, didn't read up on Astronomy and it gathered dust. I recently watched a documentary called "Star Men" which renewed my interest, ordered Turn Left At Orion and bought another book entitled "The History Of Astronomy" from TKMAXX of all places (£5 bargain) and I'm back on track. I had a look at the Orion Nebula last night for the first time which was incredible. Just won an auction for a motor for my Bresser Messier R90 for the bargain price of £30 too, as I want to get into the photography side of things with a webcam. I'm using Stellarium. I've only just started the books so give me time, but what else is there in our sky at the moment that's well worth a look?
  21. Well, I got myself a Bresser Messier R90 refractor two or three weeks ago and have had a couple of decent nights out recently. Saturn was amazing, but then I've done a little research and didn't expect to see a huge image, but still saw a very clear image and managed to even see the darkness between the inside of the ring and the planet itself. I think that this is incredible, something so far away suddenly appears through the scope. I've got myself a couple of books which help, but there is a big learning curve. I think when you start to read about what it is that you're looking at and you read a little background info, you suddenly begin to realise just how rewarding it is to see even the faintest blur in the sky. The moon is breathtaking.
  22. Besides the chances of it finding a new owner, is there any reason that a scope with no electric parts/motors etc cannot be left outside with the lense covers on. Sorry if this is a daft question.
  23. chn


    Thats a proper scope there Dave.
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