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  1. Wow - really like the looks of that modification - thanks! Looks like I have a lot more to learn about processing. Cheers, Dave W.
  2. Man, do I need more subs -this object just isn't possible with a one-shot exposure! Horribly noisy and just barely visible... One 30-sec. exposure @ ISO200 with Canon 30D (Hutech modification) using TMB130SS on EQ6PRO, adjusted with PS-2. (click to enlarge)
  3. Aye, that be it... Very much like what you see in the EP in my backyard.
  4. wrather1


    That's a very nice image. I would lower the green level just a bit - there should be some blue showing in the nebula. Lovely star colors, very sharp!
  5. Single 30-sec. exposure with Canon 30D (Hutech modification) @ ISO200, using TMB130SS on EQ6PRO, unguided. Adjusted with Adobe PS-2. Severely cropped to show object detail. (click to enlarge)
  6. (click to enlarge) From last winter. Taken with Canon 30D and TMB130SS on EQ6PRO unguided, one exposure of 30 sec. @ ISO200 Focus perhaps a little soft.
  7. My first successful DSO taken with the RCX-12, a Canon 30D-Hutech, unguided, 30 seconds exposure @ ISO 200. (click to enlarge)
  8. My first attempt at this object. My focus was not perfect; I'm still learning the Stiletto Mark IV device. I promise next one will be better. (click to enlarge) Scope: TMB 130SS Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Camera: Canon 30D with Hutech modification Mount: SynScan EQ6PRO Guider: ZenithStar 66 ED Petzval refractor with Meade DSI, PHD software and an old Compaq laptop Exposures: 23 subs @ 90 sec. (ISO200), darks and flats applied, stacked with Deep Sky Stacker, adjusted with Adobe PS2
  9. Thanks, Roy - it represents at least five years worth of indebtedness, I think...
  10. Hooo-wee, ya got me there, mate -is that Gaelic??
  11. So sorry! Did not mean to leave out your lovely country, the home of the Warrior Princess... DW
  12. Must be! There's a bunch of us astro-lads over here that are musicians of various sorts, including guitarists, bassists, violinists, etc. DW
  13. Thanks Ron! Now, if I could just get the hang of using it right I'd be all set - that plus some nice weather! Last good sky here I took 71 images, all RUBBISH due to focuser issues - gotta work that one out with the Stiletto. I must be using it wrong. Worked real well on the RCX but not so hot on the TMB. Cheers, Dave W. in Dallas
  14. Thanks - I do remember that expression from my Canadian colleagues when I once lived in Michigan. Interesting how we all speak essentially the same language in USA, Canada, UK and Australia, but in slightly different ways - what makes the world go 'round, eh? Cheers, DW
  15. Thanks to all the Mods and other esteemed Members for all the welcomes and well-wishes! Nice group here. Still waiting for that :sunny: clear weather so I can try some imaging again! Cheers, Dave W.
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