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  1. Not far from you at all, like you say there seems to have been a lot of SGLers close by, have seen a lot in the welcome lounge. Do you do a lot of imaging with your 1000d? Adam.
  2. Yep, certainly is done with the spc. Was looking closely a it after posting this and notice that the top right corner needs the levels re-balancing, as it's slightly darker. Will have to fix that.
  3. First Mosaic attempt, although not finished coz the clouds rolled in. 1500 frames at 10fps stacked in registax mosaiced in GIMP (8 images in all). I am really pleased with it although am absolutely gutted its not complete. I think its slightly over exposed, and I struggle to get perfect focus, so any advise on that appreciated. Thanks,
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    MoonComp sm

    From the album: Moon

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    Moon Pics...
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    From the album: Mars

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  8. The camera doesn't have a light on it when it is on does it?
  9. Excuse my ignorance and if this is a stupid question, but is that due to the reduction in light through a higher mag EP? Surely a higher mag EP will magnify better DSO resulting in better viewing????? Will take a look at the Vixen EP. Adam.
  10. I have decided that my stock 10mm EP needs replacing. Have read through a lot of the posts here I decided that a 8mm BST explorer would be a good substitute without needing to sell a kidney, greater FoV, eye relief etc. So it was decision made, until I checked just once more - bad mistake, and read that the Celestron X-Cel EPs' are extremely good for mid-range cost. I want this EP for both DSO and planetary viewing...... So, I guess it boils down to one question... are the celestrons X-cel Ep's worth the extra cash, or will a BST explorer do just a good a job? Thanks in advance for advice. A
  11. Mine is attached right next to the finder scope so in roder its focusser - finder - telrad. Was thinking about completely removing the finder scope and mount the telrad in its place as I rarely even take the dust caps off my finder scope now. It is worth attaching via electrical tape or similar that wont mark the ota and can be removed easily just to see if you are comfortable with the position before permanently sticking down. Adam.
  12. Played around with the settings in Registax and GIMP, and have managed to improve the image signficantly from the same AVI as above.
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    From the album: Jupiter

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  15. My first attempt at Jupiter tonight with SPC900. Although its not great I am quite pleased. Any suggestions to improve this greatfully received. http://stargazerslounge.com/members/damp-owl-albums-jupiter-picture14959-jupiter1.gif Although there I can see cloud banding, there is little else in the way of detail. I ran this for a 30 seconds @ 10fps (not long enough??), ran through registax and enhanced in Gimp. Adam.
  16. damp owl


    From the album: Jupiter

  17. They are about £10 more expensive. Buy Philips Pre flashed SPC880 CCD webcam bundle at Morgan Computers
  18. Hi Ganymede, Don't be scared to ask questions, no one will think any less. Re your scope, regardless of type everyone here will help. There are some here with only binoculars for viewing. Btw - welcome. Adam.
  19. Hi and welcome from me too. Any and all here are great for questions and queries. Lots of very helpful people here that always help with even the simplest questions...
  20. I bought a telrad for my scope a few weeks ago. It just makes star hopping so much easier - no more requirement for setting circles and confusing inverted images - just a good star map / application and you will find objects so easily....... Adam.
  21. Jana, That may come in very handy.... Just to extend this thread anyone know any other useful apps on ipad or phone (for astro use)? I use pocket universe HD and star walk on the ipad, both to locate objects...... Adam.
  22. Hi Mark, Welcome to the lounge. Star Walk is a good app for locating objects. Have a look at PocketUniverse as well. It's more comprehensive than Star Walk. Adam.
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    Hi welcome from me too. Adam.
  24. Just by way of update in this thread, my cam bundle arrived today - along with the clouds! I am not sure what to make of Morgan, there seems to be several different replies to all our request for delivery status e-mails. There is clearly a high demand for this camera bundle, but that is no excuse for the poor service. They must be aware of this high demand, so a simple note on the item on the website stating potential for 2-3 week delivery would have prevented my rant at least! Anyway, hope everyone elses get's delivered soon..... I think Morgan should arrange clear skies for all clouds
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