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  1. Thanks Angus. Just to confuse me further, I've noticed a lot of folk on here extolling the virtues of the bigger SW mounts. Seeing as I was looking at getting tripod and then in future a Starbook to fit my mount, I'd save money just buying the HEQ5 or 6 mount (I think ?). Will get back in touch with the nice folk at FLO. This board has been a great find. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, I currently have a 200mm reflector on a GP mount - a set up I'm more than happy with. This came with a pillar. I'm hoping to get out and about to darker sites and was thinking about getting a tripod as obviously,I can't expect to find a nice firm,fairly flat base like my patio out in the middle of nowhere. Am I thinking along the right lines here? I'm on the point of ordering one but would like some advice on the matter. Cheers, Andy
  3. gregbwfc

    Hello !

    Hi JBM, yes that's what they stand for,not great viewing at the mo . I'm on a few different forums (fora?) and am too lazy to invent a different username. That and I'd forget them.
  4. gregbwfc

    Hello !

    Hey, thanks to everyone for the welcome. Been interested in what's "up there" since I was a kid. Got a telescope a few years ago and haven't really made the most of it. Don't know why but I suddenly feel the need to dust it off and get out there again. I'd never claim to be an amateur astronomer,just someone who wants to take a closer look (and hopefully some photos too).
  5. gregbwfc

    Hello !

    Hi to everyone. Trying to get back into stargazing and found this place a week ago. Thought I'd join in the fun. Anyone in the north west know of any reasonably dark(ish) sites ? Cheers, Andy
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