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  1. Not exactly "deep" but this is my first image
  2. Great Feedback from me. Well packaged item, quick free 1st class delivery and excellent communication. I'd buy from here again!
  3. Just a little update: The EQ5 has been serviced and is now smooth as silk. I picked up a Meade 8x50 Finder today as I couldn't live without a finder, so now I have a dedicated finder and finder-guider. The problem I had with the Nat geo scope was that it was just to wobbly, so now everything is rock solid. I'm just waiting for the winds to settle and I'll be on it again with long exposures Here's some recent pics of the project:
  4. I had exactly the same problem when i bought mine! I couldn'd find the right size O ring but a nice selection of rubber bands fixed it for me.
  5. You'll need £300 for the goto kit for starters. I can't you give you anymore advice apart from that as it put me off straight away LOL! You can still connect the EQ5 dual motor handcontroller to the laptop with modifications but the slewing speed (max x8) is just not enough for goto capability and Stellarium. Although, with the modded EQ5 hand controller modded setup (which i have now) it's perfect for guiding through PHD
  6. Hehe no probs! It's under a tonne, so it's not all bad. Just think of it as almost 70% cheaper than the synscan goto kit
  7. I'm sure i'll get some brownie points for my link here: First Light Optics - Dual-Axis D.C. Motor Drive for EQ5 This is exactly what I have. I have further modified my handcontroller so I can now guide with it also. Thanks to Shoestring astronomy
  8. It can be done though, with good results Back on to topic though, i think it's worth getting both motors. If your gonna spend £70ish quid on a single and it's only £90ish for dual.....
  9. I'm the same, part of the fun is finding stuff yourself! I have the Dual Motor kit on my EQ5 and it works a treat. Once polar aligned and turned on it will track for you, so as above you shouldn't need to keep pressing the buttons every minute but rather every 10-20 mins at worst if using high magnification, if your alignment is out. Although, if you have deep pockets, get the HEQ6!! (i wish i could) lol
  10. Huff and puff.... Oh wait, that only works to blow houses down! Welcome to the forum!
  11. Update: PHD is fantastic! My SPC900 arrived today so was itching to get out and try it. Hit a problem as i didn't have the adaptor to fit in inside the finder yet. but comprimised and taped it in there to just test it. focus was ok and locked on to betelgeuse as a tester. Took a series of pics from 2-5 minutes but due to the wind it kept knocking the guiding out slightly. Maybe i still need to figure out the PHD and SPC settings a little. Good points so far: The Parallel port works PHD is working good for me Bad points: EQ5 needs a good service Figuring out SPC/PHD settings Wind needs to s
  12. Installed fine with me, i think it will be much better with an i-pad as the screen is really small and it's easy to get lost. Really cool app though! Going to try Starwalk now
  13. I did not realise it was available for the iphone!!! It's like xmas has come early, thanks! I'm downloading it now and will report back if i have any troubles.
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