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  1. Hi, I could do with some really basic help please, like Polar Alignment, how to use Eqmod, cotrolling DSLR via laptop, what cables/connections required for all that etc.really simple basic stuff for most I guess. Any advice greatly appreciated. Not sure what my pitch number is, but will post here once I find out. Tina
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies. Will try and look into it, but sadly have been too busy with work recently to get any real time. Thanks again, Tina
  3. Hi all, I was lucky enough to see PanSTARRS with binoculares recently and also took o a number of images with my DSLR. Sadly although the pictures are of the right area of sky it seems I didget everything else wrong, as I cannot see the comet on any of them. Is there any chance using some processing, to bring it out? As you probably have guessed, I do not know anything about this subject, so help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tina
  4. Hi, thanks for your replies. Peter, this is what I thought and what it says in the instructions. It also seems that this is what I have tried, although not sure if I did switch the mount in and off. Will give it another go with that in mind. Fingers crossed. Tina
  5. Hi everybody, still having trouble getting this mount to track the sun with my PST. After receiving a faulty mount and returning it to Skywatcher, a new mount arrived in the post. Yippee. Well the new mount is working, but I still cannot get the mount to work as per the instructions. Yes, it all seems simple enough, but either I am really stupid, or the supplied instructions on how to track etc. do not match the actual workings of the mount. I follow the instructions on which buttons to press to get the mount to track, but whe pressing the buttons once, nothing happens, it seems I have to pres
  6. Hi James, thanks for your reply. As you say, the instructions are pretty fool proof....and I do use a fully charged Celestron Power pack to power the thing.... So annoying....... Well, lets see what the supplier says on Monday.... Thanks, Tina:)
  7. Hi guys, I had this lovely Skywatcher AZ multi function tracking mount for my birthday and set it all up and plug in the handset and the up/down and left/right motion works lovely.... When pressing the two top left buttons to activate the tracking function however, as per instruction manual, nothing happens, well it certainly doesnt start tracking and no leds flash as indicated in the manual. The handset however freezes and the only way to get control back is to switch the thing off and on..... Any thoughts please????? Thanks a lot, Tina PS: i have already logged a call with the supplier, just
  8. Hi everybody, I am considering investing in a mount for my Coronado PST. I have been looking at the Skywatcher Acuter Merlin Multi function mount and tripod £198 and the Orion mini eq mount and motor £115. Does anybody have any thoughts, experience or recommendations on this one please? Thanks a lot, Tina:confused:
  9. Hi All, Wondering if there is anybody close to Stone, Staffs., who would be willing to meet and give some help and practical advice with setup, imaging, etc., etc. .... Thanks, Tina
  10. Hi everybody, I am currently rather frustrated, as I have been trying to capture Jupiter with my Meade Etx105 and my webcam, but seem to be unable to get anything. I managed to get some clips of the moon, so the camera and the setup seem to be working, but as soon as I try for Jupiter, nothing.... Anybody going to SGL7 who would be willing to spend some time with me and give some help and advice???? Thanks a lot, Tina:confused:
  11. Yippeeeh, just have been able to rebook and pay via paypal, all seems to be working smoothly now. Excellent. Tinap
  12. Hi Uplooker, Thanks for your reply, I have actually not been able to rebook, but as you say, I am sure James will sort it out, I know he works hard and he does a great job. So, hopefully, see you at PSP2012.
  13. Right, I seems that I have now been able to rebook as I have had a window pop up thanking me for my booking, but have not had anything from paypal to confirm my payment.....what is going on? Anybody????? Thanks for your help......
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