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  1. OK Problem solved. Turned out to be the browser cache !
  2. I use openDNS. After clearing my cache i still get directed to this page. I used openDNS cache checker and East Midlands Stargazers resolves to Can someone check if that is the correct IP please?
  3. odd... when I click the link it takes me back to this forum??!
  4. ahhh... I see! Well, count me in - I don't mind contributing to good causes
  5. Hi Alec, your in good hands with these guys - loads of very helpful advice
  6. What do you mean paid up member?... I'm missing something here!
  7. Oh, that's a different one, but that doesn't have the SCT adaptor which would mean having to buy one :/
  8. Damnit... it's sold! Ahh well, thanks anyway guys - I'll keep my eye open on there in the future.
  9. oooh... whats ASb&s?? Edit : ahh I think you might mean Astro Shed. Not a member there so cant see the B&S sections
  10. Totally blown away by these pictures. If I did not know better I would have said only Hubble could take shots like this!
  11. Thinking of buying one of these First Light Optics - William Optics 2" Dielectric Diagonal with SCT Adaptor for use with the 8" Meade SCT, anyone used one? Are they worth the dosh?
  12. Yea most impressive - I actually work with the Nottingham Astronomical Societies secretary, at least I think she is the secretary!
  13. I ordered a WO eye piece a few weeks ago that arrived very quickly - I was impressed. BUT, I was a little worried that £60 worth of eye piece was sent first class with no tracking. Thankfully it arrived but for the sake of a couple of extra quid I would have liked a tracked post method. Maybe that is something you could look into? Please do not take this as bad press, I will definitely use you again!
  14. Thats great news, as a beginner myself I was very excited to finally meet the requirements of 1 month and 50 posts, but then totally gutted to have the forum closed 1 week later! Anyway, I don't think the beginners for sale section is all that great of an idea, it will just make more work for the admin and then there will be the confusion as to what is beginners gear and what isn't etc. But I really don't have a solution - other than the buyer must be named, and no PM's or emails allowed. This way the sale will be completely open for everyone to see. Jay.
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