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  1. very nice, thank you for putting the listing up
  2. Always have hope Its not going to be cloudy forever!
  3. Really cloudy here for me, am hoping I can catch the tail end of the display..
  4. Jupiter really was fantastic last night, easily the best view I have seen so far. A combination of its opposition and clearer skies made for quite a show Even the missus could make out some cloud belts
  5. Thanks for the replies guys Ah the dobsonian is an f/6 Thanks for that info Jahmanson I didn't notice that subtle difference, tyvm I have no immediate aspirations of AP other than perhaps some simple planetary/lunar but certainly nothing up to the level that would require an uber mount I am looking into the 200p/EQ5 as a good solid all purpose scope that I can use to enjoy the views and learn more with Thanks again for the info's, now I know the dob OTA is not the same as the EQ OTA - answer found!
  6. Is it possible to mount the OTA from a standard skywatcher 200p dobsonian onto an EQ5 or other equatorial mount? Or is there some difference in the OTA? I ask as I would very much like this telescope and would be able to use it as is until I get myself an EQ mount Clear skies
  7. I will keep your thread bookmarked Hady Clear skies mate
  8. Hi fella, I am much in the same position as yourself, wanting to see a lot more than my scope allows I have a 114mm celestron and I can see jupiters moons and a couple of cloud belts but not really in any sort of fine detail. As was mentioned above though, that was all that was really necessary to get me hooked and now I also am looking for an upgraded scope - strangely enough with pretty much the same budget as yourself! My scope has a real weakness in its mount more than anything, I don't know if its the design is poor/cheap or if I just have a bad one - I have tried and tried but I cannot get it to lock solidly and when I look through it the slightest bit of wind causes it to move But as I said it has done a great job in introducing me to the hobby to the point where I am sure I would like to go further. I am looking into getting a Skywatcher 200p but it seems they get snapped up pretty quickly second-hand and at £450 new they are over my current budget perhaps a 150 SW model would be more within budget and at 6" of aperture would provide a good upgrade to what you have currently Clear skies!
  9. You guys are all so friendly Thank you all for the warm welcomes Clear skies for all!
  10. Hello Tina, I also have lots of questions so don't think you are the only one
  11. Hello from Norfolk :wave:
  12. A lovely clear sky this evening, and I believe I locked this cluster down My 1st ever DSO:hello2: I used a 114 astromaster, polar aligned as best as I could get it (probably not that well but I took my time and got as close as I could) Saw a lovely twinkling bright star slightly higher than Jupiter and over to the left some way, so I closed in on it.. got a reasonable view with a 10mm eye-piece and checked the co-ordinates with stellarium, and I firmly believe this was the cluster I hit I feel very happy for having some success after a couple nights of cloudy skies
  13. Here is the working link for the UK astro buy/sell site U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell
  14. Hello there Stargazers o/ My name is David, I am 32 years old and am new to the hobby of astronomy. I say new, since I was a small boy I can remember looking upwards from my back garden and asking my mother what those bright twinkling objects were, but until now I had never owned a telescope to properly view what is up there I had been looking into getting myself a telescope to begin this journey and I found a celestron astromaster 114 advertised locally second-hand for £50. I checked it out, sure enough it was in as-new condition and I bought it. The red-dot viewfinder was out of calibration at first but I managed to align it using a reference point In 4 hours of viewing so far I have managed to lock onto Vega, Antares, Polaris and Jupiter - I am somewhat slow at getting them into view and focussed nicely but I hope to improve with practice So I would like to say hello to all on this board, and thanks in advance for answering the questions I am sure to ask
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