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  1. I have a sturdy manfrotto tripod capable of supporting medium format cameras if this helps put it into perspective:icon_scratch:
  2. Hi all I hope someone could give me some advice I have been looking at the Skywatcher Skymax 127 OTA tube only and was wondering if putting this scope on a standard photography tripod would be worth it?(can not afford it on a EQ mount) Has anyone done this and do you need a adaptor? I have not got a scope yet and I am trying to do this on a tight budget I was originally looking at the Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 but space and collimation are bothering me. thanks for reading
  3. thanks for that bookmarked it.
  4. south east Derbyshire here I check the met office but let me know if there is a better site. cheers
  5. I have had cloudy skies for the past week or more how many good nights can you expect in a year?
  6. Just a thought but what about cap everything outside and bin bag over the scope secured around the tripod (am I going too far probably). Lots of cloud here for the past week so no binocular gazing
  7. I will have to store it in the house good point about pointing downwards hopefully getting a reflector scope
  8. Well still no scope of yet just wanted to ask how people protect scopes/mirrors against condensation once you bring them in from the cold?
  9. So you can focus easily on a star but what about closer object does it just not work for these planets the moon?
  10. Hi all i am still asking lots of questions, erm so the scope I am looking at is the Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 I have been aware for a while that they have to be Collimated every now and then is this tricky? Do I need a tool to do it? I know you can buy tools for this specific task and make your own? Its just I am on a tight budget and mistakes are costly.
  11. Yes nikon rather helpfully saves files as NEF I tried a while back to see if I could update firmware to get around this no luck. I will give it a go with the Dslr I don't fancy getting the film cameras out although noise is dramatically lower in film.
  12. So in theory I would keep the scope fixed on one subject and not track it but take multiple shots?
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