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  1. OK thanks Mick. I will give it a go ASAP. BTW I had a look at your website. Lovely work there. You obviously know what you are doing! Cheers Dave
  2. Thanks John - good to hear. Mick - you are suggesting AstroArt5 as a replacement for PHD I imagine. It seems like a very comprehnsive program on its own and would even replace AstroPlanner. Is this correct. Do you use it to guide? Cheers Dave
  3. Hi All, I am going to be using Astroplanner as a way of organising myself on imaging nights. I gave it a go last night to slew the scope successfully to the target I wanted using ‘Connect to Scope’ in Astroplanner which of course needs EQmod running. Then I fired up PHD and started guiding. The graph in PHD was totally wacked with the DEC off the scale. My question is :- how many programs can you have open that might want to control the scope and can it effect guiding in that they might be fighting with each other? Or does one take precedence over the others? I guess I can disconnect in Astroplanner but then when I want to slew to another object will it be lost as such? Of course I realise that PHD could be off the scale for many other reasons! Any thoughts? Cheers Dave
  4. The 80mm extension tube arrived a while back but I have only just managed to get out to test it. All good! The DSLR will now reach focus with the drawtube out only 35mm. So in theory I actually could of gotten away with a 50mm (to allow a bit of play) extension. I don't think there is any detrimental effect to having the extra drawtube inside the scope as far as astrophotography goes but maybe some more knowledgeable could tell me if there is. When I start adding reducers / flatteners then I imagine the shorter extension will be necessary. Cheers Dave
  5. Actually I am interested in using mine for the webcam as well. I tried Alignmaster for the first time the other night following the tutorial on the Alignmaster website but of course (now I now why I think) I couldn't get any stars threw the main scope. So I will be chuffed if the extension tube is the only reason! Of course I still have the problem of not actually being able to see most of the recommended paired stars from my backyard but that's another post!
  6. Thanks for that Steven. I have decided to order a 80mm extension tube just so there is no problems of just needing that extra 5mm or so and being frustrated again. It could be overkill but I can always go down from there. I will post my results for reference. Cheers Dave
  7. Howdy All, I have a 106mm refractor that I (am trying to) use for astrophotography with my 350D. It does not have enough back focus so I am needing and extension tube I guess (newbie here!). If I use my 2" diagonal the DSLR will focus with only 7mm of the drawtube out. So with my pea brain calculations - Diagonal gives me 110mm + 7mm on drawtube = 117mm With no diagonal the drawtube extends 80mm so I am needing at least 40mm extension tube? Or is it more complex than that Help! Cheers Dave
  8. Yes that is really nice! Great to hear it was simple as well but I think you may be being a bit modest . I am desperatley wanting to get into AP but all the options of what to buy are killing me so to see your result with modest (in relative terms) equipment is inspiring. Cheers Dave
  9. Thanks for that. Doug from Shoestring also came through with that link. Installed and working indoors for the moment! Very happy with that.
  10. OK, after diving in without heeding advice about drivers for the USB2EQ6 (Shoestring Astronomy) Cable and finding that the suggested Prolific (PL-2303 (H, HX, X chip version) Mac OS X Universal Binary Driver v1.4.0 (DMG file format), Prolific Edition) driver doesn't seem to work I now have a cable for sale! Any suggestions please? I have emailed Doug from Shoestring so hopefully he has something but they seem very PC orientated. Cheers Dave
  11. Thanks for that advice David. BTW thanks for all the effort you are putting into this software and the help you are giving people with it. Cheers Dave
  12. Thanks /p. That adapter is half the price of the First Light one so it does make me wonder but I might give it a go unless I hear anything bad about it.
  13. Hi, has anyone used this (USB2EQ6) cable successfully with an EQ6 mount and Stellarium using EQmod for MAC? Cheers Dave
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