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  1. Had the exact same experience myself!! Not only that I've also ordered a case of extra eyepieces myself.also cheered me up with anticipation also.looking forward to trying the different eyepieces and filters
  2. Can anyone tell me whether I can fit a separate motor drive to a celestron 130,any info would be much appreciated
  3. my other half says i"m mentally movin further away from planet earth.i spend hours observin clouds,lookin for rare formations like kelvin-helmholtz.now i"ve taken up astronomy!! shes happy i "m in the garden on clear nights,.so thats one who doesn"t think it an*l as she can rule the roost.each to his own i say:icon_salut:
  4. as i was only young at the time,it would have to be halleys comet.not only awe inspiring,but inspired a lifelong love of the cosmos
  5. as i was only young at the time,it would have to be halleys comet.not only an awe inspiring sight,but also inspired a lifelong love of the cosmos!!!
  6. ok angus and welcome 2 sgl.thats a traditional swedish name u have there friend:headbang:
  7. i think they are all fascinating,orion being the most widely known,even to non gazers.had a brilliant view yester morn of orion,could just make out the nebula,alas no scope with me
  8. every chance i get i"m out,which is never!! had my scope 3months and been out maybe 10 times,so on average,i"m doin well
  9. fly in the sky

    Hi all

    welcome squaddie,send some of those clear skies up north please!!
  10. fly in the sky


    hiya and welcome
  11. fantastic,i wonder if people will look back on our understanding of the universe in the same light.
  12. hi matt i"m ants,think i"ve already asked where in sheff u r from,but diary permitting be good to help each other along in our pursuit of the heavens,skies permitting also!!
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