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  1. I have a Skywatcher Explorer 130P AZ GoTo Telescope. I would like to add an auto focuser to it & was wondering if it was possible, If so does anyone know the web address for one? Thankyou in advance.
  2. Luckily i was in the market for a new mobile phone so i went to carphone warehouse got my phone + a free HP Pavilion G series laptop.
  3. I have just recently bought a webcam setup from morgans very cheaply Buy Philips SPC880 webcam (Not pre flashed) at Morgan Computers
  4. Thankyou very kindly for the reply/advice but more for the pictures as it made it very easy to see what you meant. Looks reasonably easy to sort out and i think i will be buying one very soon
  5. Hi. I have only just started astronomy and have bought a Skywatcher 130 scope Sky-Watcher Explorer 130M Newtonian Reflector Telescope I have also bought a web cam from morgan a SPC880 flashed to a SPC900NC. I am now concidering a motorised focuser Skywatcher Focusers - Telescope Focusers by OVL My question is, is it possible to use this motor with the pre-existing manual focus assembly that came with the scope or would i also have to buy a new focuser assembly?
  6. To be honest i didn't take any notice of the settings. This is something i will have to make sure i do in the future.
  7. Hello & welcome to you
  8. Babylon65


    Hello & welcome to you
  9. Hello & welcome to you
  10. Babylon65


    Hello & welcome to you
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