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  1. The CaK image was made with the achromat+Lunt diagonal, right? Looks great.
  2. You wouldn't get a "compatible" flat. I noticed that myself on my dusted webcam's sensor - when using a 2x Barlow the bunnies are much sharper than without it. Quite obvious when you note that a Barlow makes the rays more parallel (and therefore there's less light incident from "around" bunny to fall on obscured pixels).
  3. Or you could just use some narrow-band filter (like Baader Solar Continuum). You get a monochrome image but obviously with no chromatic aberration. I don't know about the field curvature of a single lens though. Could be unacceptable.
  4. A few weeks ago when I first watched the Sun through the Baader film and a 4" achromat. Although I knew from all those pictures what to expect, it was still jaw-dropping. The razor-sharp disk, well-defined spots, granulation momentarily appearing here and there, and even those radial wisps in the biggest spot's penumbra. I've only observed the Sun before using eyepiece projection on a poor-quality screen. All I could see then was that the disk is round and has some darker blotches. And that was more than 10 years ago.
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