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  1. I love my Heritage 130p, Usually takes between 20-30 mins to fully acclimate. The only gripe is the slack in the helical focuser but a little ptfe or grease soon sorts it out. I have never had any problems with the truss or smoothness of operation and the collimation is never too far out even after being transported in my motorbike helmet box. I have seen a thread on using a longer centre bolt and attaching it to a tripod and can be found here.
  2. Hi Okeydokey, I have a cheap Sky-Watcher 2x barlow and works fine with my 32mm, 25mm and 7.5mm-22.5mm zoom eyepiece but does not have enough inward focus with the 10mm EP. A way around this is to not fully extend the truss by around 5-10mm before the stops but I got the zoom EP to replace the poor quality 10mm anyway. Some members have used barlows with no problems so I think its trial and error.
  3. I personally always use my 32mm Plossl first for general viewing and finding objects, it has a 52o apparent field of view which gives 2.56o FOV @ 20.3x mag in my Heritage 130p, however I have a 7.5mm - 22.5mm Seben zoom eyepiece for Christmas and I think this will be a very close second.
  4. My Heritage 130p has been used on a patio table, patio chair, sat on the ground and even on my motorcycle rear seat pad all were relatively stable apart from the motorbike however still viewable. The main concern is comfort and the more comfortable you can get the longer you will spend at the eyepiece.
  5. I would love to hear your opinions on first light with the zooms when they arrive Fredster and Stargazer2013
  6. Great news, glad you got it sorted. We will await another review from you with the corrected lens. They must have had a trainee make the one you purchased. I have seen two zooms, the same as we have, for sale and both wanted around £30 for them, one also wanted £10 postage from Germany
  7. Thanks for your review Reeny, shame you feel deflated with yours though. Eagerly awaiting the opinions of the other forum members that also purchased one of these zoom EP's.
  8. When I tried mine out it zoomed perfectly through all mags, it did stuggle a bit with the barlow at 7.5mm to around 10mm though but seeing wasn't great and there is no major slack on the heritage focuser that I noticed. Because they are only £20 there may be some quality control issues with some but mine seems ok and i'm happy with it especially seeing I didn't pay for it either (xmas prezzie).
  9. Hoping the sky clears for you bud and you're welcome. Looking forward to your opinion.
  10. Hi Bambuko, yes I also was a bit miffed about the lack of end caps but if placed into the little plastic bag first then in the plastic container (still bolt type just not screw bolt type ) then I'm hoping it will be fine. Waiting patiently for your opinions on build, quality and view ect. I did mention the need for refocusing whilst zooming, it would have been nice if it had been par-focal but for £20 I'm not going to grumble.
  11. +1 for the Heritage 130p, I fit mine into my motorcycle helmet box.
  12. Hi Shavy, welcome to the forum. A great post to read would be this one to give you an idea also you could use Stellarium (FREE) and input your telescope and eyepieces in the optics section or input your telescope and eyepiece into here and select an imaging item from the lists (make sure you switch to visual viewing before selecting your eyepiece) Jupiter should look like this in your Astromaster 130 with a 9mm eyepiece
  13. Hi Inter1234, My son has a cheap refractor and never uses it, the lenses and eyepieces are so poor even the moon has distortion. However if I get the Heritage 130 out, I have problems getting him off it so I can look. The views from the Heritage are far superior than the cheap supermarket scope in my opinion and we observed Jupiter, Pleiades, Andromeda, Orion Nebula and the Moon just last Friday night in poor (slightly foggy) seeing conditions.
  14. I have also heard good reviews on the 8-24mm seben zoom but nothing on the 7.5-22.5mm seben zoom. That Hyperion zoom looks a lot more substantial than the Seben one, nice.
  15. Has anyone owned one of these type before? If so I would love to hear your opinions. Thank you.
  16. This is what the 7.5-22.5mm zoom looks like I have not seen any similar to this one before where as the 8-24mm does look like the skywatcher one, and like I said for £20 I think it is a good option for a beginner to give more of a range than the standard EP's or someone that uses a travelscope of some sort. I understand, that for some, individual EP's would be better for quality and eye relief ect, but for someone like me with little funding and minimal space for transporting I think it is a great little accessory. I have to transport my scope in a motorcycle helmet box so this should minimis
  17. Please let me know what you think to it when it turns up Reeny. I'm not sure that the other reviews were for this zoom eyepiece, I think it they may have been for the more expensive £50 seben 8mm - 24mm zoom eyepiece like this one.
  18. F1bird I tested a very cheap seben zoom eyepiece yesterday and I was very impressed with its quality and views read here.
  19. So my partner asked me what I would like for Christmas. I told her I would like some BST's to which she swore at me when she saw the price, I tried to explain that they were good quality and reasonably priced compared to other eyepieces but to no avail, I did however spot a really cheap seben zoom eyepiece though for £20.59 on the bay and told her to get me that as a "stocking filler" thinking, if it was rubbish, my son could use it on his cheapy scope. Firstly it was from Germany so I was expecting it to take a couple of weeks for delivery, It turned up within a week. Secondly I thought for t
  20. Wow and as for the other pictures on your website Wow again, stunning photography.
  21. Hi and welcome to the Lounge, I am betting you will fall in love with the 8" Dob tonight. Hoping it stays clear tonight, I have two new eyepieces to check out.
  22. I agree, I had an Astromaster 130 and the red dot was, in my opinion, completely useless, however the red dot on my new Heritage 130p is spot on, really easy to use and simple to align with the largish dials.
  23. Yes all four moons were in visibility last night, all in a neat line aswell
  24. Hi, welcome to the forum. A Dobsonian telescope is the easiest to use and the Heritage 130p is a great compact scope. I'm not sure if this is near to you but I found this for £80 and near Waltham Abbey, north London.
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