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  1. Thank you all for the explanations :-) I will definitely try this software.
  2. Thanks a lot steppenwolf! DSLR Focus seems the right tool for me. It is just not clear to me whether each star can be automatically displayed zoomed in during the processing phase.
  3. Hello, Do you know of a software to help focusing with a Canon 300D? I need to select a star on the image, zoom on it 300x or 400x, make images of this star only and each time an image is downloaded be able to compare with previous images of the same star. Thank you!
  4. Hello, A friend of mine lent me a Canon 300D without IR filter and I have my unmodified 300D. I thought I could compare the two in the same conditions. What current deep-sky target would be most appropriate for that do you think? Thank you!
  5. Hello all! I have a Canon 300D and was wondering if it is possible to shoot Ha or OIII images for instance with the appropriate filters. Can such filters be used on monochrome cameras only? Thank you for your help. Cheers
  6. Excellent result with this equipment. Well done!
  7. Great image Rob! Very detailed nebulosity. How did you combine all the subs? Did you stack all of them at once or did you stack each group independently depending on their exposure durations?
  8. Sparrow, I think you did quite well taking into account the limitations of your equipment.
  9. Yes BeyondVision I tried various settings in DSS with no real success. And I agree with you about Iris interface which is sometimes difficult to understand or not ergonomic enough. I have various astronomy freeware on my PC and like to try them often because I realized that depending on the kind of image results can be better with a program or another.
  10. Impressive! I love it :-)
  11. Great idea Steve! And very good shot, as usual :-)
  12. Yes I agree with you and prefer the Iris version as well. I think I'll have to understand Iris more because it is not an easy software to use but it seems worthwhile though. Cheers
  13. Hello SGL! I have just processed a new attempt at this difficult area. This time I shot more light frames with a shorter duration, ie 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes for a total of 54 light frames. As before I think it is lacking red signal because my 300D is unmodded but I prefer this version to my previous one. Here is the image processed under DeepSkyStacker: And the same image processed under Iris: Cheers Chris
  14. Chrisj


    Wonderful image. Well done! First time I have seen such a 3D effect. There is a sort of depth of field in your image.
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