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  1. Hi all, Scrub my message above, she found the adapter... all good. Thanks. Martin
  2. Hi all, I have just been around to my neighbours to show her how to set up her scope. She has had it for many years and NEVER used it. Having removed the many years of dust, I explained to her briefly how to polar align, what the various bits and pieces are etc. We then came to putting an eyepiece in only to find out that they just drop in without anything securing them. I realised that the focusing tube has nothing on the end to fix a 1.25" eyepiece in place. Not being familiar with the scope, I am trying to locate the missing piece. The scope is a Skywatcher 130p reflector. The end of the fo
  3. Been away at work so haven't done any observing for what seems like ages now. When I got back, had a quick spell in hospital and now home but recovering so can't really spend any time outside with the scope. Looking forward to getting out after Christmas and catching up on some of the doubles, especially 145CMa, which I just love. Noticed quite a few viewing lists on the forum, so at some point will have to catch up on these. So far, its been a poor year for viewing for me, so hopefully that will change. Looking forward to some clear nights. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year Martin
  4. Bit late to the thread, sorry. I have Goto (CG5) and connect the mount to Stelarium. If I enter RA and Dec in the search function (taken from DSA or anywhere really), then use Stelarium to control the mount, I find it much easier than entering RA and Dec directly into the Goto hand controller.. On the manual side, then star hopping is the obvious way, but I am hopeless at it, I can't seem to gauge distances, so when I use my manual mount (for quick set-up), then I found setting circles to be actually quite easy to use. Just a quick and dirty polar align first though, then point at a bright sta
  5. Just dug out a couple of images of both, not so good quality, taken 3 days appart in January 2013. 145CMa Iota Cancri 120mm Refractor, prime focus, Canon 450d Cheers Martin
  6. Wow, that is nice, very clear and the blue stands out fantastic. Martin
  7. I know this thread is a few weeks old now, but this is the first time I have had the scope out (properly) since about May, due to work and the awful weather (cloud that is). Anyway, never really looked at Almach before so thought I would have a look tonight. With the 120mm refractor and a BST 12mm it looked unimpressive being a very tight (in my equipment) double and not really noticable colour. Looking at Avtar's sketch above and notice he used a 120mm and I think a 5mm BST, I thought I would push my scope to pretty much its limit. So, with the 12mm BST I stuck in my Tal 2x Barlow and re-focu
  8. Could it be that because you were at a dark site, your eyes where more adjusted and so the pair were much brighter, washing the colour out. Just a thought! Martin
  9. Months at home without work and hardly a clear sky. Now I'm at work... well you get the picture. So jealous right now. Nice to read the reports though. Keep them coming. Martin
  10. Well, a disasterous night. The weather was great but I had so many problems it was midnight before I was ready, and then I was ready to pack away! First the mount was loose on the pier, so had to align it. The centre bolt would not tighten so I had to removed the mount and add spacers, still couldn't get it solid. Then I could not do an alignment because my finderscope was miles out, (I had had it on another scope so must have adjusted it at some point). Eventually I was aligned and ready to go, but would the camera work, no! Don't know if it was the computer, camera, USB lead or what but afte
  11. Well, its a clear night tonight, (Wednesday 14th May), so going to have a look at these gems. Was wondering what to look at tonight, but problem solved, thanks Nick. Been at work for 5 weeks and when I got home 2 weeks ago it has been terrible weather. Even a few nights ago, I though it was clear but the high level cloud came in. Hopefully make up for it tonight. Martin
  12. Hi Mike, Is this HIP51200 ? What are the details. I will have a look and see if I have anything, or wait for a clear night here.... but could be a very long wait! Cheers Martin
  13. Nice website Ian. Had a good look through it, but I'm using an old computer and screen, makes the formatting all over the place. Some good information contained. I am currently off-shore at work, will be stuck here for about 1 month, so cannot do any observing. However I when I get the chance its nice to read what others are upto (bit envious too). Maybe we (double-stargazers) could get together (over the internet) and have a group observation session where we could all maybe look at the same pairs and discus live. Just an idea. The information gained could be a usful additon to your website (
  14. Nice list Phil, It's been a while since I saw one of your observasion lists, I always like to follow you and try for the same doubles. Maybe I am too lazy to make my own list. Well, now we have a few clear nights, work has also come, so here I am, stuck at work reading all the reports and can't take part. Nice to see observations increasing though. Cheers Martin
  15. You had a great session there Nick. I had a small session last night as a friend came round and we had a little star gazing followed by just a few doubles. 145CMa was a show case double which impressed, even though low on the horizon and suffering from the twinkly effect. A few other double I looked at last night impressed my friend, my mount was behaving quite well and was centring the stars perfectly, leading to a great view of pairs of stars on totally black backgrounds. Looked real good. Anyway, if all stays clear tonight, (same weather as you as your just down the road from me) I will try
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