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  1. First release candidate to version 0.15.0 has been released today (https://launchpad.net/stellarium/+download). We plan to release Stellarium 0.15.0 at the end of next week (31 July). This is another major release, who has many changes in code and few new skycultures. If you can assist with translation to any of the 136 languages which Stellarium supports, please go to Launchpad Translations and help us out: https://translations.launchpad.net/stellarium If you can assist us with testing of software also - it will be great! Full list of changes between version 0.14.0 and 0.15.0RC1: - Added getting planetary positions from JPL DE430 and DE431 ephemerides (SoCiS2015 project) - Added RemoteControl and preliminary RemoteSync plugins (SoCiS2015 project) - Added StelProperty system (SoCiS2015 project) - Added immediate saving of settings for plugins (Angle Measure, Archeo Lines, Compass Marks) - Added Belarusian translation for landscapes and sky cultures (LP: #1520303) - Added Bengali description for landscapes and sky cultures (LP: #1548627) - Added new skycultures: Macedonian, Ojibwe, Dakota/Lakota/Nakota - Added support Off-Axis Guider feature in Oculars plugin (LP: #1354427) - Added support permanent rotation angle for CCD in Oculars plugin - Added type of mount for telescopes in Oculars plugin - Added improvements for displaying data in decimal format - Added possibility to drawing of permanent orbits of the planets (disables of hiding orbits for planets, when they are out of field of view). (LP: #1509674) - Added tentative support for screens with 4K resolution for Windows packages (LP: #1372781) - Enabled support for side-by-side assembly technology for Windows packages (LP: #1400045) - Added CLI options --angle-d3d9, --angle-d3d11, --angle-warp for fine-tuning ANGLE flavour selection on Windows. - Added improvements in Stellarium's installer on Windows - Added improvements in Telescope Control plugin - Added feature for build a dependency graphs of various characteristics of exoplanets (Exoplanets plugin) - Added support of the proper names for exoplanets and their host stars (Exoplanets plugin) - Added improvement for Search Tool - Added improvement for scripting engine - Added their Bayer designation for some stars in Scorpius (LP: #1518437) - Added updates and improvements in Stellarium DSO Catalog - Added initial support of subset of The Washington Double Star Catalog (LP: #1537449) - Added Prime Vertical and Colures lines - Added new functions for Scripting Engine - Added new DSO textures - Finished migration from Phonon to QtMultimedia (LP: #1260108) - Added scripting function to block tracking or centering for special installations. - Added visualization of ephemerides - Added config option for animation speed of pointers (gui/pointer_animation_speed = 1.0) - Added implementation of semi-transparent mask in the Oculars plugin (LP: #1511393) - Added hiding the halo when inner planet between Sun and observer (or moon between planet and observer) (LP: #1533647) - Added a tool for fill custom settings of position of Great Red Spot on Jupiter - Added Bookmarks tool (LP: #1106779) - Added new scripts: Best objects in the New General Catalog, The Jack Bennett Catalog, Binosky: Deep Sky Objects for Binoculars, Herschel 400 Tour, Binocular Highlights, 20 Fun Naked-Eye Double Stars, List of largest known stars - Added Circumpolar Circles (LP: #1590785) - Added Miller Cylindrical Projection - Allow viewport offset change in scripts. - Allow centering zenith or pole via scripting (LP: #1068529) - Allow freezing/unfreezing average atmospheric brightness (e.g. for balanced-brightness image export scripts.) - Allow saving of output.txt to another file so that it can be read by other programs on Windows while Stellarium is still open. - Allow min/max values and wraparound settings for AngleSpinBox - Allow configurable speed and script speed buttons - Allow storing and retrieval of screen location for StelDialogs (LP: #1249251) - Allow polygonal horizons with many negative values (LP: #1554639) - Allow altitude-dependent twinkling for stars (LP: #1594065) - Allow display of sun's halo if sun is just outside viewport (LP: #1294498) - Reconfigure viewDialog GUI to put constellation switches to skylore tab. - Limit location coordinate spinboxes to useful coordinates - Apply Fluctuations in the Moon's Mean Longitude in DeltaT calculations (Source: Spencer Jones, H., 'The Rotation of the Earth, and the Secular Accelerations of the Sun, Moon and Planets', MNRAS, 99 (1939), 541-558 [)]http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1939MNRAS..99..541S]) - Applying device pixel ratio to the pixmap, so that it displays correctly on Mac's. - Added improvements for Paste and Search feature (Search Tool) - Added ecliptical coordinates info for objects in scripting engine - Added exit pupil calculation in the Oculars plugin (LP: #1500225) - Added support MSVC2015 - Added automatic reloading catalogs after updating for some plugins - Added a tour of Messier Objects - Added fix to circumvent text rendering bug (CLI option: -t) - Introduce env variable STEL_OPTS to allow preconfiguring default CLI options. - Added option for hide background under buttons on bottom toolbar (LP: #1204639) - Added check position on the screen for orbits of satellites (LP: #1510530) - Added new option to changing behaviour of displaying of the labels of DSO on the screen (LP: #1600283) - Star catalogues has been updated from 'XHIP: An Extended Hipparcos Compilation' data. - Fixed validation of day in Date and Time dialog (LP: #1206284) - Fixed display of sidereal time (mod24), show apparent sidereal time only if nutation is used. - Fixed issue of saving some setting from the View window (LP: #1509639) - Fixed issue for reset of number of satellite orbit segments (LP: #1510592) - Fixed bug in download of stars catalogs in debug mode (LP: #1514542) - Fixed issue with smooth blending/fading in ArchaeoLines plugin - Fixed loading scenes for Scenery 3D plugin (LP: #1533069) - Fixed connection troubles in Telescope Control Plugin on Windows (LP: #1530372) - Fixed wrong altitude of culmination in Observability plugin (LP: #1531561) - Fixed the meteor radiants movements when time is switched manually (LP: #1535950) - Fixed misbehaving zoom out to initial view position (LP: #1537446) - Fixed format for declination in AstroCalc - Fixed value of ecliptic obliquity and ecliptic coordinates of date (LP: #1520792) - Fixed zoom/art brightness handling (LP: #1520783) - Fixed perspective mode with offset viewport in scenery3d (LP: #1509728) - Fixed drawing reticle for telescope (LP: #1526348) - Fixed wrong altitudes for some locations (LP: #1530759) - Fixed window location having offscreen frame when leaving fullscreen (LP: #1471954) - Fixed core.moveToAltAzi(90,XX) issue (LP: #1068529) - Fixed some skyculture links - Fixed issue of sidereal time: sidereal time is no longer displayed negative in the Western timezones. - Fixed online search tool for MPC website - Fixed translation of Egyptian planet names (LP: #1548008) - Fixed bug about wrong rise/set times in Observability for years far in the past - Fixed issue for resets flip buttons in Oculars plugin (LP: #1511389) - Fixed proper detection of GLSL ES version on Raspberry Pi with VC4 driver (and maybe other devices). - Fixed odd DateTimeDialog behavior during daylight saving change - Fixed key handling issue on Mac OS X in Scenery3D (LP: #1566805) - Fixed omission in documentation (LP: #1574583, #1575059) - Fixed a loss of focus in the sky when you click on the button (LP: #1578773) - Fixed issue of getting location from network. - Fixed bug in visualization of opposition/conjunction longitude - Fixed crash of Navigational Stars plugin (LP: #1598375) - Fixed satellites mutual occultation (LP: #1389765) - Fixed NaN in landscape brightness computation (LP: #1597129) - Fixed oversized corona (LP: #1599513) - Fixed displaying common names of DSO after changes filters of catalogs (LP: #1600283) - Ensure Large File Support for DE431 also for ARM boards. - Changed behaviour for drawing of the planet orbits (LP: #1509673) - Make moon halo visible again even when below -45 degrees (LP: #1586796) - Reduce planet brightness in daylight (LP: #1503248) - Updated AstroCalc tool - Updated icons for View dialog - Updated ssystem.ini (LP: #1509693, #1509692) - Updated names of stars (LP: #1550642) - Updated the search rules in the search dialog (LP: #1593965) - Avoid false display of tiny eclipse factor (rounding error). - Avoid issues around GLdouble in GLES2/ARM boards. - Reduce brightness of stars for ocular and CCD views - Hide displaying markers for meteor radiants during daylight - Cosmetic updates in Equation Of Time plugin - Enabled permanent visualization of position angles for galaxies - Updated bookmarks in Solar System Editor plugin - Updated default config options - Updated scripts - Updated shortcuts for scripts - Updated norwegian skyculture descriptions - Updated connection behaviour for autodiscovery location through network (FreeGeoIP) - Updated and optimized GUI - Updated Navigational Stars plugin - Updated star catalogues - Implementation of quick turning to different directions (examples: CdC, HNSKY) - Important optimizations of planet position computation - Refactoring coloring markers of the DSO - Refactoring of the generating parts of the infrastructure (LP: #1571391) - Refactoring Telescope Control plugin - Removed info about Moon phases (avoid inconsistency for strings). - Removed rotation of movement by convergence angle correction in Scenery 3D plugin. Thank you!
  2. The feature is available for usage since version
  3. Yes, we can add an automatically updating the GRS position from a web service, but where we can find last data for GRS?
  4. Stellarium tries to calculate the position of the GRS automatically, but it may be not very accurate because GRS is an atmospheric object. I think we can introduce new option in Stellarium to allow users set own settings for GRS: "startup" date, GRS longitude (System II) and drift GRS longitude per year (per month?). Please say your opinion for that proposal.
  5. Huh! Without the technical info we are can't help to anybody.
  6. Technical details and links to software for automation adding new textures you may find here. P.S. Latest 4 textures from Carole Pope was added with help software by Peter Vasey.
  7. Thank you very much for your offer! I have sent answer throug PM.
  8. Are you meant a technical or legal side of the problem? Short answer for legal side: the images should be a free and compatible with GPLv2 for including in the main package (We work for including Add-On Manager to allow downloading non-free or non-GPLv2-compatible sets of DSO textures). An answer for technical side is here.
  9. Not all DSO in Stellarium has textures - as fact we have two troubles here: 1) no texture for DSO or 2) texture for DSO is exists but not free. You can try using unstable edition of Stellarium with DSS support. Or you can help us added textures for DSO's.
  10. A super easy custom landscape for Stellarium (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~stellarium/stellarium/trunk/files/head:/landscapes/geneva/)
  11. It's troubles with graphics card... You can play with different modes of Stellarium but this issue may has no solution.
  12. Yesterday has been released weekly binary packages for Stellarium series 0.15 with some interesting features. Stellarium Can support JPL DE430 or/and JPL DE431 ephemerides; Planetariums remembers positions of dialogs at the moment; Exoplanets plugin can display the proper names and has a scientific tool Stellarium All features for version + it can display DSS layer (photorealistic sky) Can anyone test those packages?
  13. Stellarium has a Navigational Stars Plugin also for navigational tasks and a Telescope Control Plugin has a custom list of objects for targets, but it can be give difficult correct answer to topic starter, because I do not know final target of using of custom stars list.
  14. It's not possible in generic case, but... what you want to get with custom list?
  15. Can you check version We made some changes in Telescope Control plugin for detecting serial ports. Can you also give me a log?
  16. The Stellarium development team after month of development is proud to announce the first correcting release of Stellarium in series 0.14.x - version 0.14.1. This version contains 13 closed bugs (ported from version 0.15.0). A huge thanks to our community whose contributions help to make Stellarium better! List of changes between version 0.14.0 and 0.14.1: - Added support for side-by-side assembly technology (LP: #1400045) - Enhancements of the Ocular plugin: add OAG support (LP: #1354427) - Added Belarusian translation for landscapes and sky cultures (LP: #1520303) - Added designations for few stars in Scorpius (LP: #1518437) - Fixed constellation art brightness and zooming (LP: #1520783) - Fixed number of satellite orbit segments resets (LP: #1510592) - Fixed certain outplanet moons with wrong Longitudes (LP: #1509693, #1509692) - Fixed saving settings for some View panel options (LP: #1509639) - Fixed fails to run up on Windows when invoked from a different directory (LP: #1410529) - Fixed wrong value of ecliptic obliquity (LP: #1520792) - Fixed segmentation fault (core dumped) while try update stars catalog (LP: #1514542) - Tentative fix for support 4K resolution (GUI scaling) (LP: #1372781)
  17. Please fill two feature requests on Stellarium's bug tracker - https://bugs.launchpad.net/stellarium
  18. You can enable showing flip buttons on bottom bar and use it for flipping of the look. It's problematic. Which use cases you propose for that new behaviour of GUI?
  19. I guess it's related to drivers for graphics card. Please try run planetarium through "Stellarium (ANGLE mode)" shortcut. But better way IMHO checking and installing drivers for graphics card.
  20. It can good work if your computer has installed drivers with OpenGL support
  21. Please try use "Stellarium (ANGLE mode)" shortcut...
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