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  1. Yes, we can add an automatically updating the GRS position from a web service, but where we can find last data for GRS?
  2. Stellarium tries to calculate the position of the GRS automatically, but it may be not very accurate because GRS is an atmospheric object. I think we can introduce new option in Stellarium to allow users set own settings for GRS: "startup" date, GRS longitude (System II) and drift GRS longitude per year (per month?). Please say your opinion for that proposal.
  3. Huh! Without the technical info we are can't help to anybody.
  4. Technical details and links to software for automation adding new textures you may find here. P.S. Latest 4 textures from Carole Pope was added with help software by Peter Vasey.
  5. Thank you very much for your offer! I have sent answer throug PM.
  6. Are you meant a technical or legal side of the problem? Short answer for legal side: the images should be a free and compatible with GPLv2 for including in the main package (We work for including Add-On Manager to allow downloading non-free or non-GPLv2-compatible sets of DSO textures). An answer for technical side is here.
  7. Not all DSO in Stellarium has textures - as fact we have two troubles here: 1) no texture for DSO or 2) texture for DSO is exists but not free. You can try using unstable edition of Stellarium with DSS support. Or you can help us added textures for DSO's.
  8. A super easy custom landscape for Stellarium (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~stellarium/stellarium/trunk/files/head:/landscapes/geneva/)
  9. It's troubles with graphics card... You can play with different modes of Stellarium but this issue may has no solution.
  10. Yesterday has been released weekly binary packages for Stellarium series 0.15 with some interesting features. Stellarium Can support JPL DE430 or/and JPL DE431 ephemerides; Planetariums remembers positions of dialogs at the moment; Exoplanets plugin can display the proper names and has a scientific tool Stellarium All features for version + it can display DSS layer (photorealistic sky) Can anyone test those packages?
  11. Stellarium has a Navigational Stars Plugin also for navigational tasks and a Telescope Control Plugin has a custom list of objects for targets, but it can be give difficult correct answer to topic starter, because I do not know final target of using of custom stars list.
  12. It's not possible in generic case, but... what you want to get with custom list?
  13. Can you check version We made some changes in Telescope Control plugin for detecting serial ports. Can you also give me a log?
  14. The Stellarium development team after month of development is proud to announce the first correcting release of Stellarium in series 0.14.x - version 0.14.1. This version contains 13 closed bugs (ported from version 0.15.0). A huge thanks to our community whose contributions help to make Stellarium better! List of changes between version 0.14.0 and 0.14.1: - Added support for side-by-side assembly technology (LP: #1400045) - Enhancements of the Ocular plugin: add OAG support (LP: #1354427) - Added Belarusian translation for landscapes and sky cultures (LP: #1520303) - Added designations for few stars in Scorpius (LP: #1518437) - Fixed constellation art brightness and zooming (LP: #1520783) - Fixed number of satellite orbit segments resets (LP: #1510592) - Fixed certain outplanet moons with wrong Longitudes (LP: #1509693, #1509692) - Fixed saving settings for some View panel options (LP: #1509639) - Fixed fails to run up on Windows when invoked from a different directory (LP: #1410529) - Fixed wrong value of ecliptic obliquity (LP: #1520792) - Fixed segmentation fault (core dumped) while try update stars catalog (LP: #1514542) - Tentative fix for support 4K resolution (GUI scaling) (LP: #1372781)
  15. Please fill two feature requests on Stellarium's bug tracker - https://bugs.launchpad.net/stellarium
  16. You can enable showing flip buttons on bottom bar and use it for flipping of the look. It's problematic. Which use cases you propose for that new behaviour of GUI?
  17. I guess it's related to drivers for graphics card. Please try run planetarium through "Stellarium (ANGLE mode)" shortcut. But better way IMHO checking and installing drivers for graphics card.
  18. It can good work if your computer has installed drivers with OpenGL support
  19. Please try use "Stellarium (ANGLE mode)" shortcut...
  20. It's for desktop edition. Some features can be migrate in mobile version later.
  21. Answer related to installed version (I guess you are using one of beta versions).
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