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  1. ha ha tbh I did exactly the same thing
  2. Astronomyshed has a video on youtube on colimating your colimator it's pretty simple
  3. Hi I just want to give a big up to Optical Vision Ltd I wanted to order a dob base from them and they only take cheques. I don't have a cheque book so on Saturday morning I popped down to the post office in the city centre and raised a money order and popped it into the post thinking this will take a couple of weeks to get my base. Imagine my supprise when my base arrived this morning a two day turn around with a postal order over a Sunday. I have to say that I'm staggered that's really impressive I can't think of any other company I have dealt with who have been as fast as that. The stand is perfect exactly what I wanted (and yes it's already assembled lol) and the serive via email and speed of delivery have been awesome. Well done Optical Vision it's been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks Brian
  4. Any mid range laptop with a decent a mount of ram you can get a pretty decent laptop new from £350 these days
  5. I too have modifed a webcam with a rubber cap I looked everywhere for there rubber caps and no where sell them. Eventually I found them in a farm supplies store as they are used on dairy equipment at the size I needed.
  6. I use an ir filter with my live cam HD (the one in the round chasis) and you do indeed remove the built in one. Well I did I took the whole wem cam to bits and reassembled it to a bespoke chasis I got from billet parts. http://www.billetpar...pter-p-122.html
  7. The eq6 should be able to take the 12" for viewing and I have just ordered a 10" dob mount from (the skywatcher 250px one) from optical vision for £111.75 you might want to look into seeing if you could adapt the 300 mount to take your scope if you don't fancy making your own (I haven't done any carpentry for oooh at least 25 years
  8. When I was thinking about getting into astronomy I spoke to an aweful lot of people about telescopes and in the end I waited and purchased the neq6. I wanted to use it for deep sky and photography and in the end I went for a 250pdx (10" newt) on the neq6. The neq6 will manage the 300 (12") for viewing but just on the edge for photography by the time you've added the weight of the guidescope, cameras, extra bars etc etc then the 250 is about as big as you want to go. So it depeneds on what you intend using your setup for and what type of ota you're going to use personally I'm extremely greatful for the advice I received on here and that I waited for the neq6 it's and awesome bit of kit and worth every penny imo. The other thing you will want to consider is if you are moving your neq6 about they're heavy. If you're going to permanently mount it somewhere this isn't an issue but I move mine about and they weigh a bit I can manage mine fine but I know a few people that struggle. My advice would be to pop along to your local astro soc and see if someone there can show you one so you know what they will be managable.
  9. I got some customer cut from a website I found on google cost me as much as the cases tho
  10. Brian Cox is a partical physicist don't forget not an astronomer so when he talks, he talks from the perspective of a physicist him and where his passion lies. The reason they have Brian doing sgl is that he's a very watchable presenter he conveys his message in a very elegant and interesting manner which appeals to people who have little or no interest in a topic. That being said I would love Chris Lintott to take over the Sky at Night. Brian's style is more aimed at explaining subjects to people who are not generally interested in that topic in an easy to understand way something which he is brilliant at. The sky at night has a slightly different viewership, more informed and knowledgable about the topic and as such we look for information presented in a different way. Both ways are brilliant and I can not fault either side. I'm a huge Brian Cox fan he's brilliant but for me the Sky at Night has to be Chris and the existing team.
  11. 10" Dob currently at £31 collection only though http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-Inch-Dobsonian-Sky-Watcher-/150997313953?_trksid=p2047675.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222002%26algo%3DSIC.FIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D11%26meid%3D5639291178548315658%26pid%3D100011%26prg%3D1005%26rk%3D5%26sd%3D290863472547%26
  12. Hi can anyone out there tell me the distance between the uprights on the base for a 250PX or a Skywatcher Skyliner 300P FlexTube GOTO please. I need to buy a base and I just want to make sure that its wide enough. Thanks Brian
  13. Having recently started in astronomy with my main goal being astrophotography I went for a 250pds on an eq6 the scope is absolutely fantastic having said that my advice would me to go for a refractor to start with only because setup is easier and quicker. With the bad weather and work commitments this year I've not had much time at all to play with my system and the one thing thats been frustrating is by the time I've setup everything the clouds have blown over and or it's started raining. Get a smalled scope and try things out to see if you like it for me personally even though I haven't used my kit much I plan on building and obsy/shed to house it in which will massively increase my usage. To begin with get a small dob or refractor as you will use them more (although these scopes wont be a great setup for photography the 550d though is an awesome camera I would heartily recommend it) and if you like the hobby then get the 200 and eq5 later. I have an st80 which is very cheap which purchased as a guide scope that I have found I use as a grab and go as much as anything. The st80 is a great little scope but it does suffer from some chromatic abberation which means its not great for photography but it will definately give you some great views whilst you're starting out and if you get into ap more seriously later as I said its a fantastic guide scope. Everyone I'm sure will recommend a book called Making every photon count get it and have a read it might seem a little technical if you're new but it will explain everything you need to know about taking photos of space. UTR
  14. With the dawn of the commercial space age well and truely with us I think in 10 years time you'll be able to build your own cube satelite and have it launched by one of these commercial companies imagine that your very own mini hubble? No more atmospherics woot! No more worrying about time of year or cloud cover woot! still I have to agree half the fun is being outdoors so I for one will still be suffering the cold UTR
  15. First night I got my scope I set it up with the standard 28mm SW ep and lined up Jupiter and was blown away even without really knowing what I was doing being able to see colour and the 4 pin pricks of light that were the moons was a definite wow moment for me and I'd only just started. I got everyone out of the house and no one could believe how amazing a view it was albeit small. The moon and planets are amazing everytime although a moon filter might be worth buying with my scope the moons way to bright to spend any time looking at without one. Good luck
  16. Yeah Knobby is right if you check xda-devs they mod most things on there and either host or have links to upgraded roms. Upgrading the rom might seem a little scarey at first but I do it all the time on my android kit. The upgraded roms usually add all the missing google apps like google play, gmail, maps etc etc.
  17. Those are the exact same quotes from the guys on the android market are you sure theyre not the same people?
  18. Yeah sorry about the weather thought I'd take two weeks off work to play with my scope gotta love the uk summer.....
  19. Man those views are amazing I wish I had skies like that instead of the rain clouds we've had for the last 6 months!!!
  20. I just search for Stellarium and it comes up every time
  21. Last time I looked they were not working on an android port but had asked if anyone wanted to do it (this may have changed I haven't looked lately) and the one on the android market has been worked on by someone else (as the source code is open source). The port on the market is the full thing and its very stable and tbh well worth the £2 or so they're asking. Porting software to a new platform takes a lot of time and whilst the orginal dev team might release stellarium for free I personally don't mind paying the £2 for someone else to put weeks or months of work into making and maintaining a working port on a new platform for my benefit.
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