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  1. Hi Guys, From Monday 1st September Netto are selling a 17Ah powerstation with compressor for £19.99. It looks very similar to the Maplins one except it is black instead of yellow, see link: http://viewer.zmags.com/showmag.php?mid=hdhhs#/page0/ Hope this helps someone. Michelle
  2. Okay, I got a reply (nice guy). The Megrez doesn't come with the WO 1.25" diagonal that I wanted. This will cost about £75 to buy separately which brings the price up to nearly what I can get a brand new one for. I already have a red dot finder and many flight cases so I wouldn't really be saving anything so I have said that I am not interested. So, if anyone alse needs a Megrez 72 with said accessories go for it! Thanks for your help everyone, much appreciated. Michelle
  3. Thanks for the heads up Andrew, I'm emailing the guy now. I've never bought anything from this site, is there any feedback for sellers or ways to know if the ads are genuine?
  4. I've seen 30. I nearly got to see the Small Magellanic Cloud from the Maldives but there was a patch of stubborn cloud right where it should of been (rest of the sky was clear) Don't think there is much chance of seeing the Gegenschein in the UK, apparently Patrick Moore saw it once during the WWII blackout!
  5. Okay, okay, you have all convinced me, the Megrez it is then :hello1: I just need to trawl the internet now to find the best deal and persuade my husband that it would make a nice wedding anniversary present Happy viewing with the 88 Dave and I hope you have a great time in Spain Brinders, wishing clear skies to you both. Cheers, Michelle
  6. Thanks for the quick reply guys, so far the Megrez seems to be winning! Good to hear the Megrez passed your star test with flying colours Paul. Andrew, I had thought about the ED80 but it is just a bit too big to fit into my hand luggage unfortunately. Yes, I am aware that the ST-80 has an extra 955 mm^2 of light collection area but as Paul says, the Megrez can be probably be pushed to a higher mag and still have a sharp image, so a fainter sharp image maybe better than a softer brighter one. Brinders, I have already read your excellent review and I was pleased that you found the Megrez such a
  7. Hi Guys, I would like your opinion as to whether a WO Megrez 72 is worth the extra money over an ST-80 with a fringe killer filter added. It is to be used as a visual grab and go scope with my SLT mount at home and with a camera tripod abroad (assuming I ever get a holiday that is). As I see it the pros and cons are as follows: ST-80 pros Much cheaper, lighter to carry (especially on a plane), slightly bigger aperture. ST-80 cons Achro rather than apo, cheap focuser, not as well engineered, slightly shorter focal length, larger overall size compared to Megrez. Megrez 72 pros Apo, beautifully e
  8. Hi Gordon, Fantastic image! I was dead impressed just seeing it on the view screen of your camera (see my observing report from Friday night), it looks even better enlarged! Thanks for letting us look through your LX200 as well, it was a great night. Michelle
  9. I recently bought a Hyperion Zoom to use with my 8" Dob (f/5.9) and I am very, very happy with it. The views through it are superb and the convenience of not having to change eyepieces makes life so much easier when using a Dob! The only negatives I can think of are that there is a tiny amount of refocusing when zooming in from 24 to 8mm and the eye placement takes a bit of getting used to. I got a great deal on this zoom from D.Hinds, just give them a ring and mention that you are an SGL member.
  10. I just wanted to report on how stunning the sky was at the Dalby Forest StarFest for a few hours last night. It has been a long time since I have seen the sky looking so beautiful and there was just so much to see both naked eye and through the scopes. Highlights included: The Milky Way (of course), with the dark rifts clearly visible. Loads of meteors including some great Earth grazers (lots of oohs & aahs all round). Jupiter and the Galilean Moons, still great even low down on the ecliptic. Andromeda galaxy clearly visible naked eye. Ditto the beautiful Double Cluster. Pleiades rising up
  11. I would like to mention what great service I received from D.Hinds recently. I rang them late on a Monday to buy a Hyperion Zoom eyepiece. The lady that I spoke to was lovely, she offered me 10% discount when I mentioned that I was an SGL member and even apologised that it would be Wednesday before I received the eyepiece as it was too late in the day for next day delivery. Sure enough 8:30am Wednesday morning there was a knock on my door and I had my nice shiny new Hyperion Zoom I have had nightmare experiences in the past buying astro equipment so it was a breath of fresh air to find a comp
  12. I would like to add my good friend Mojo Starr (spaismunky) to the list. She won photo of the month with her stunning image of M13 :hello1: :hello1: Congratulations Mojo and congratulations to all the other Hotshots, great images!
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone. It looks like the Hyperion zoom is a safe bet, but I am very interested in what Brinders said about the Seben zoom. I too have the Hyperion 8mm and if the Seben zoom compares to this then I wonder if it is worth spending over £100 more on the Hyperion zoom just to get a bit extra field of view. BTW great picture of the moon Brinders!
  14. Hi Everyone, Just letting you know that there is a job vacancy going at the Yorkshire Planetarium based at Harewood House near Leeds. The vacancy for a front of house planetarium assistant to work 24 hours a week (including weekends and bank holidays) until the end of October. We have a very friendly team at the Yorkshire Planetarium and it is an amazing place to work. I must stress though that this role is for front of house support only. I thought I would mention it here on SGL in case anyone was looking for a retail/customer services type job with the bonus of working in an astronomy based
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