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  1. No probs at all Dave, I use a blue one it's dark so no one will see it ;-O
  2. Hiya Busa.....Motor bike pun couldn't resist sorry!! I would go with the southern hemisphere as being the issue, I have an SW127 autotracking mack myself and it will only track one way. it is a reasonably easy fix too. Welcome to the Lounge. King-jaffe
  3. ha ha, Local?? thought you were in Manchester Jimmy......Doh!!! I should pay more attention...
  4. Not too bad at around 8pm but nowhere near as good as some of the views in Oct/Nov, Have had some seriously bad seeing conditions recently. I had actually begin to think something was wrong with my scope, glad somebody local is having similar problems as I thought it was my fault. hopefully it will pick up soon
  5. p.s the black patch is the shadow of the mirror in the center of the primary mirror.
  6. should have reasonable views with your 10mm works out 125x, and only 39x for your 32mm though 250x and 78x respectively with your barlow. Maximum mag should be kept to the 2x the aperture rule giving you a usable 180x. I suffer dreadful condensation with my mak :-(
  7. that'll teach me!!! Hello cloud my old friend... Not!!
  8. I spoke to soon.......Doh!!!! not heavy cloud just the wispy stuff which is worse! it's like heavenly lingerie, It'll show you just enough to whet your appetite before covering up for the night
  9. Swings and Roundabouts first clear one here in ages!! I know it doesn't make your night any better but we've all bin there, I've been going stir crazy just to get out! good luck with the pier and clear skies. kingjaffe
  10. Hi Guys first clear skies in ages here in Manchester. Got out early doors and had a quick look at Jupiter & Venus before they dip below the roof of house, quick look at m42 also...happy days!! er nights!!! Nice bit of detail on Jupiter with cloud bands and 4 moons. Venus usual blindingly bright self and M42 as usual...wonderful!! Scope outside and just waiting for Saturn Had a quick look at Mars and think I can see a dark patch of detail Clear skies King-jaffe
  11. 3 or 4 good brands fall in at that price range. BST explorers are well respected, also planatery 2's and the vixen NPL's all come in at that price bracket. Would be quite difficult to pick out of these are all reviews on the forum have been excellent. Rgds Scott
  12. Great film, got it on blue ray Sam Rockwell is one cool dude!!!
  13. voted yes,we need one now. Main reason would be to silence the cynics once and for all. I would put the base on the darkside of the moon and maybe set up an observatory too!!!
  14. seben big boss by the colour scheme not a classic that's for sure!!!
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