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  1. Solved it myself in the end. I upgraded the synscan firmware to 3.37. Also I had been trying to use an RJ lead to go direct from SkyFi to middle port on synscan. What I eventually did was to use the rs232 9db lead with an RJ terminal and linked that to the synscan port. Lift off.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Can I use the RJ45 out put on skyFi to RJ45 on synscan input, or do I need to go via the (SkyFi) supplied db9 cable to an RJ45 converter. As you might tell I cannot get SkyFi to control the scope but can get communication to iPad. I am running out of sensible routes to follow. If I do need a special lead do you have a suggestion where I might source one?
  3. Do I have to go through the synscan (which does not want to connect) on my EQ6 to use my SkyFi wireless usb , or can I go straight from either an iPad or pc laptop?
  4. I have attached a list of lectures and outreach meetings GAS are organising for 2014 If you live in the Guildford area why not visit us.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes I have tried that but can't seem to get enough extenseion on the focusser to get get focus.
  6. I have recently purchased a Williams Bino eyepiece with the intention of using it with my Skywatcher MN190. But I'm having problems getting an image. Is there anyone in the Lounge who can spare some time discussing my problem please.
  7. Can anyone help please. I am using a Canon 550 and the standard utilities software which seems to work very well. However when trying to control the camera remotely I cannot highlight the stop watch function; I want to repeat exposures with a short delay between. I can do this manually by pressing the software keys but feel confident the 'stopwatch' icon must hide programable timing features. Thank you, Lillypad119http://stargazerslounge.com/images/smilies/default/icon_scratch.gif
  8. Thanks to all your messages of welcome. First question how do I list my kit details on my messages.? I have seached the edit data/control panel all to no avail Lillypad119
  9. Thanks to all your messages of welcome. First question how do I list my kit details on my messages.? I have seached the edit detal/control panel to no avail Lillypad119
  10. Well hi! all. I seem to have been a newbie for a very long time. I wanted to start astronomy when at school - I was inspired by Journey into space on the radio, but it wasn't till I retired that I had the spare time and cash to get my 'bag' in order.
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