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  1. nev47


    hiand welcome to SGL
  2. leo dont rise till midnight the best time is around 4 am ish
  3. watchin the moon landings all them years ago and seein the sky at night on tv
  4. nev47


    hi duns and welcome to SGL
  5. nev47

    Hello to all

    welcome mrQ from across the pond
  6. nev47

    Hello from Sweden!

    hi baffa and welcome to sgl
  7. sorry should of been jan2012 The world's telescopes are still trying to contact a Russian space probe meant to visit the Martian moon Phobos, which has been stuck in Earth orbit since its launch on 8 November. For reasons that are still unclear, the spacecraft never made two engine firings that were supposed to send it on its way to Mars after reaching Earth orbit. Also stranded is a Chinese Mars orbiter called Yinghuo-1, which was supposed to hitch a ride on Phobos-Grunt to the Red Planet. Within hours of reaching Earth orbit, Phobos-Grunt was supposed to switch from using the sun to orient itself to navigating by the stars, then fire its engines to leave Earth orbit. The failure to fire the engine is suspected to be due to communication difficulties between the star sensor and Phobos-Grunt's computer, says Francis Rocard of the French space agency CNES, which supplied some of the mission's instruments.
  8. thats if they cant get it to fire up. you can track it on heavens above
  9. nev47

    Hi all...

    hi ryan and welcome
  10. nev47

    How do

    hi rob and welcome
  11. im only going by what i see posted on here about a week ago
  12. waiting weeks to turn up i think they had problems with stock
  13. i was going to get a webcam from morgans but i see on here last week some people havin problems with them so im just after some feed back cheers ..
  14. nev47


    and me last night at about 12 for about half an hr ok after that.
  15. cheers newman thats a great help thanks
  16. ive had the mount for about 8 years is it is it time for a strip down and regrease and if so is there a thead on this ive seen one on the eq6 mount but not the eq5
  17. i was going to put my scope out before my dinner. nice and clear outside glad i didnt look out after dinner rainin hard cleared up now clear skys
  18. nev47

    Hi From Essex

    hi from sunny kent
  19. i have to agree with ronin my sister was killed by a van on a unlit road some years ago but sayin that the council in my area have started turnin off lights after midnight on the m2 so thats a start
  20. no too much cloud about not lookin good till about tuesday. not good
  21. im glad i dont live over there.
  22. no i dont think so mate think we go some rain laters in the south east
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